10/06/2010 09:27 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Trick Photography of the Bleach White Flooring Fad

It has finally died, what home decorators and interior designers tried to keep alive too, bleached white wood floors they thought were stunning to have because they looked stunning in photographs. Great magazines published this mistake of decorators and designers because it brightened their pages and made them look to be with the latest in home decorations.

But bleached white wood floors had to be short-lived by the nature of this imperfect creation. It was a fad that couldn't have a long life. Decorators and interior designers hadn't thought this thing through to the last detail to see that it couldn't work--the notion of bleach white wood floors! There was no procedure to keep them dazzling. A maintenance regimen was never developed to keep them virginal looking. People walked on them, dirt constantly fell on them, and it couldn't happen that the floors could look like none of this took place. Photographs of bleached white wood floors were taken just after the job was done, and none of the maintenance problems were seen. All of the expensive furniture that were made and bought to make this dream room of bleached white wood floors with complementary beautiful furniture breathe were too costly to assemble even in a house where money wasn't a concern.

The decorators and the designers did well after they got gullible magazine editors, who didn't do their math, to publish pictures of this faddish floor the seducers said was on the cutting edge of home decorating. The multi-billion dollar home improvement market had a call from for white lumber. Innovative wood floor contractors who did a lot of floor installations and floor sanding now added bleaching to their skills. The seduced consumer, likely to lady of the house, loved her brilliant white floor, had no one knowledgeable enough to maintain them. She had to watch her floor investment turn into grief, seeing the floor gray and yellow. She'd been sold a bill of goods.

The wood floor is the most popular flooring in America. It can determine the price of the house. An inelegant craftsman who only did wood floor maintenance saw something quite wrong with bleached white wood floors. Who would listen to him poking haughty decorators and designers who with this fad didn't do quality thinking? It took several years for the fad to die a natural death. There was no antidote to revive this dying floor. The money consumers spent to make this nonsense forever popular was enormous. Great galleries had bleached white wood floors to show off the art; rich and powerful people had them in their homes, and they couldn't be publicly embarrassed for making a costly mistake.

The inelegant craftsman serviced the bleached white wood floors of a very popular designer who was given a six page spread in a major well read magazine. The craftsman got up enough nerve to tell the designers that one of his pieces being photographed , a silver rocked with plenty of burrs, was cutting the floor so badly that the damage exposed raw wood well below the bleached surface, but the cutting escaped the photographer's lens. The picture was brilliant, but the damage the rocker did was too much, and it was recommended that he get rid of it. Soon after he disappeared from the glamorous scene. No magazine shortly thereafter published indoor bleached white wood floors. The swan was dead.

The new thing decorators and designers are pushing is wood floors in the kitchen. It's not great thinking, but it's a new idea better than the bleached white wood floors--and may live a little longer. The maintenance of the wood floor in the kitchen isn't impossible, but who would know how to do it?