12/30/2008 02:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011


It was and is so interesting to me how certain words stir up so much emotion, while at the same time other words and deeds like kill, rape, bomb, destroy, torture are accepted with aplomb by most people, particularly the American Federal Communications Commission.

It is also fascinating that a raging media liberal like me would have great trepidation about posting this piece.

Were my Mother and Father alive they would not be at all pleased with me for using this type of language. Mom and Dad, please forgive me wherever you are.

I do wonder if my ambivalence about this language has been created in me by my parents at first and then my schools and society in general. It is something to ponder, yet such pondering must wait for another time.

Remember this admonition?

Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never harm you! Sadly, no one ever told the American FCC and Americas Evangelicals about that.

The word fuck is one of George Carlins "seven dirty words" that I just love to use. When I say to someone I like: "Fuck you and I mean that in the nicest possible way" it is just a fun thing for me to say, and at the same time it conveys so much.

Almost forty years ago a secretary at the studio in Hollywood said to me in a very pleasant manner: "Mr. Horowitz, I know that you are well read and have great command of language, so why do you use so many four letter words? I need you to know that I find theses words to be very offensive. You are capable of saying the same thing without resorting to using this objectionable language."

As a result of her question I promised her that I would try not to use any of these words in her presence, but that these words worked so well in so many situations that not using it would be a difficult challenge for me.

Bomb Iraq back to the stone age and kill and maim many, it is more or less OK with the populace, but use the word fuck or fucked on radio or television and the weight of the feds will come down upon you and crush you if possible. It is and always has been weird to me, It is after all just a bunch of letters put together to form a word or phrase just like "ice cream."

If you have not as yet turned to stone from reading the "word," stop now as I have only begun to use it.

Fucked means in addition to its sexual connotation:

To take advantage of, betray, or cheat; victimize.
Used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal.
To act wastefully or foolishly.
To interfere; meddle.
A despised person.
Used as an intensive: What the fuck did you do that for?

What follows are a few sentences using the dreaded word, and I would be at a loss to say these things more forcefully without the use of the horrid "F" word.

Government is fucked because the human condition is fucked!

President Bush fucked our country by going to war in Iraq!

There are Democrats who are crooks and fuck society and there are Republicans who are crooks and fuck society as well!

The additional issue for me is what these crooks are doing or not doing when they are not busy fucking the governed?

Why have we been giving billions to the fucking Wall Street companies and Banks who have screwed up big time in a self serving manner, and the individuals who have been effected are just screwed. (I used screwed as a change of pace,)

Will someone please tell the new FCC that it is more important that radio and television serve in the public interest, convenience, and necessity then punishing broadcasters in draconian ways for the inadvertent use of certain words?

"Wanna" be concerned?

Be concerned about war!
Be concerned about the environment!
Be concerned about health care!
Be concerned about unemployment!
Be concerned about global warming!
Be concerned about our national debt!
Be concerned about so many other things, and "words" are not among the things to be concerned about.

This is excerpted from something I wrote a couple of years ago.

"Over the air television has become violent and sexual, and rather then enacting new rules and regulations to prevent this, the FCC might just suggest that parents be responsible for what their children watch and listen to.

The FCC should eliminate the draconian fines and threats to revoke licenses caused by what they consider inappropriate content being delivered. They might consider replacing them with lesser fines that do not place a chilling effect on everything including drama, news and sports, and recognize that from time to time there will be a failure in the system."

"I praise George Carlin and all of his words, and long may they be spoken. I use almost all of them myself, but only six of the seven. The seventh, when spoken in mixed company, can result in my death, or severe permanent injury."

Norman Horowitz