05/11/2007 09:49 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Used Film

It was nearly 30 years ago that my Air force roommate Richard Carlton Miller and his family visited Los Angeles.

During a visit to my office Dick asked me what I did at Columbia Pictures Television.

In a truncated form I told him that I sold existent Movies and Television content to broadcasters overseas and in the United States.

As a very analytical Electrical Engineer, Dick looked at me and said "you're in the used film business." It was by far the most concise description of what I did that I had ever heard.

I watched the brilliant editing job done by the people at NSNBC for Keith Olbermann that showed our Attorney General NOT answering questions posed by the two committees of the senate and house. It was GREAT.

In one of those "I wish I had said that" times, I did hear someone postulate the following notion:

If Gonzales tells the truth, it would bring down the President.
If Gonzales tell lies he can go to jail for perjury.
If Gonzales tells no one anything, all that happens is he looks stupid to a few hundred million Americans.

I was in the "used film" business. Members of the Administration are in the "mislead, deceit and deception business."

My friends will say of me: "Norman, enough already ragging on the Broadcast media," but how about their doing a prime time special on ABC, CBS, NBC, or Fox about the mess at the Attorney Generals office?

I understand that all that is at issue are our laws and Constitution, but that is old stuff, and who cares about this trivial matter anyway>

Norman Horowitz
Seller of the Flintstones