04/22/2007 02:58 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bullshit Trouble in River City

The media and press today suffer fools and the foolish. Word of John Edwards' $400 haircut might constitute a shock anywhere in the $2.25 per haircut American outback, some of which happily still exists. But college-educated, well-traveled journalists -- at least to any city in their state that's got themselves an office buildin' 20 stories high, oughtta know that there likely isn't a barber in America charging a man -- a man, I say -- $400 for a haircut. A good barber, in an expensive location, well-known in his field, $150 sure. $200 perhaps. But $400? There had to be an extenuating circumstance.

I called the barber in question, Joe Tourrenoueva, who has been my barber for 40 years, since way back when he charged $20. He's put in the years, his prices have gone up with his reputation, and still, percentage-wise, they haven't gone up as far as the hot dog.

Little Joe, as he's affectionately known, charges $175 for a haircut now. In his shop. When your crazy schedule dictates that he must come to you to cut your hair, his charge is based (he, too, friends, supports a family, helps his extended family and runs a business) on his time out of the shop when he could be attending other heads. Thus, $400 for that particular Edwards' job.

The NY Times had it right, late in the story. The barber charged $400 because of the time he was out of pocket for other clients, not because John Edwards shops for $400 haircuts, or that is what Little Joe charges. BUT the NY Times' lead was just as disingenuous as the rest. For shame.

And if John Edwards, as reported, apologized and said he'd never see his barber again, for double shame!