08/19/2008 07:05 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

My Choice for Vice President

If I wasn't certain it would be like pounding sand down a rat hole, I would be taking out full page ads to tell the world I saw the man who should be the Vice Presidential running mate for either Barack Obama or John McCain. For John McCain because he calls himself a conservative. For Barack Obama because he said that in '06, despite his conservative credentials, he voted for Democrats who promised to end a war he had long seen as futile. For Barack Obama and John McCain because in this one-hour interview on Bill Moyers Journal (Friday, August 15 on your PBS station), Andrew J. Bacevich, graduate of West Point, 23-year Army veteran and retired Colonel, now an author and professor of history at Boston University, stood up with more strength, more historic context, and more clarity than any Democrat or Republican in the house or senate on all the front-burner issues.

Watch the interview here.