03/28/2008 02:48 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bronx Stop Three: Starbucks on West 225th

Pre-Super Tuesday Dispatches from the Bronx
by Annie Shreffler

It took a little convincing for Kenda Nunez, Baltazar Cortez and Geraldine LaPenne to let their lattes cool a minute while they talked politics, but soon they got fired up and realized they had a lot to say.

Kenda Nunez and Geraldine LaPenne in Starbucks
photo by Claudia Cruz

Geraldine LaPenne hasn't decided on a candidate yet. While she does realize this is an historic moment for voters, she's looking for the candidate with substance. She's a teacher in Long Island who would like to see the government put more money for teachers' salaries behind the demand for better services for students.

Kenda Nunez feels a strong pull to vote for the first woman president, but she is holding back on making a decision until she's convinced that whoever she chooses will deliver on their promises. The economy has her concerned when it comes to her retirement. Unlike her parents, she expects it won't be enough to collect Social Security.

Baltazar Cortez may have got into trouble with Nunez when he spontaneously decided on Obama, but he's intrigued by the barriers that he sees being broken by having a president of color.

Listen to the three friends noodle through their choices here.