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DNC Maryland Superdelegates

Alvaro Cifuentes

Potamac, Maryland

Basic Bio
* Born in Mayagua [Mayaguez], Puerto Rico
* Graduated magna cum laude from the University of Puerto Rico in 1972, having earned a B.B.A. in business administration
* Earned a J.D. magna cum laude from the University of Puerto Rico School of Law in 1975
* Named one of the 100 most influential Hispanics in the United States in 2004 by Hispanic Business Magazine
* Wife Jeanette Shorter, children Alvaro, Carolina and Natalia Isabel
* Practiced law for 17 years and was managing partner in the San Juan law firm of Goldman & Antonetti before moving to Washington, D.C., in mid-1990s
* 1999 to 2002 - Attorney, Washington lobbying and law firm Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson and Hand
* 2002 to 2003 - Attorney, Fontheim International, working on governmental issues in the Hispanic community
* 2004 to present - Attorney, Law Offices of Alvaro Cifuentes
* Resides in Potomac, Maryland, in Montgomery County

Political interests and issues
* Build the Party within the Latino community
* Cifuentes asserts that Democrats must discard the strategy of trying to rouse the Hispanic community with what amount to racial appeals built on what he considers a dated civil-rights paradigm. "I have never in my life felt discriminated against," he said. "I cannot head a Hispanic effort at the national level based on something my heart and my mind do not believe in. We don't need to follow the models of the past." Those appeals, he argues, don't have much currency with the mass of struggling Hispanics. "They might be frustrated in terms of where they might be in the quality of material life, but I don't have a sense that they attribute that to race, to discrimination or isolation," Cifuentes said. "They tend to attribute it to being the first or second generation that moved to the States and they feel that is a part of the growing-up process. There is not the anger. ..."They aspire to have a better life, they want to do well, they want to make money, they do not see it as us against other people." In fact, he said, the appeal of the GOP is precisely that it is perceived to be the party of material success. "That's why you have 35 percent of Hispanics voting Republican without them doing anything (to earn it)."
* Immigration and the path to U.S. citizenship: "...there is nothing more un-American than to be anti-immigrant"
* Favors statehood for Puerto Rico

Involvement in the Democratic Party
* Has been a member of the DNC since 1997
* Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Maryland in 2000 and 2004
* Became Chair of the Democratic National Committee Hispanic Caucus (DNCHC), in 2001, where he increased the party's Hispanic membership by over 30% to 44 members
* Created the Hispanic Summit to create a national network of Hispanic political leaders
* Ran for a DNC Vice Chair position in 2005, was endorsed by New Mexico Governor and Democratic Governors' Association Chair Bill Richardson, among others but lost to Mike Honda.
* Supported Howard Dean as DNC Chair in 2005: ' "Howard Dean is going to be much more aggressive, much more outspoken and much more of a risk-taker outside the Beltway than any chairman has been. We knew that," said Alvaro Cifuentes, chairman of the DNC Hispanic caucus. "We have to get our politics out of Washington. We cannot continue to be held captive by party leaders who I respect but who have to play their own local politics," Cifuentes said, calling congressional Democrats "timid" and the flap over his comments "mostly a Beltway play."

* Resigned as Chair of the DNCHC in February 2007 amid allegations he used a racial slur during a heated argument with a black aide to Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, slightly different version here,2933,250058,00.html from a story passed to Fox News by Puerto Rico newspaper El Nuevo Dia

Involvement in the 2008 Election
* Pledged support to Sen. Hillary Clinton on 2/10/08

* $2000 to John Kerry on 11/17/2003
* $1000 to Friends of Hillary on 5/18/2005
* $2300 to Bill Richardson on 3/12/2007
* $4600 to Bill Richardson on 9/19/2007

Previous Campaign Work and Experience
* Supported Howard Dean in his 2004 Presidential bid but pulled his support just before February primaries in New Mexico and Arizona
* 1992 - managed Gubernatorial campaign for Pedro Rosello in Puerto Rico
* 1993 to 1995 - Chief of Staff for Governor Rosello
* 2000 - raised at least $100,000 for Gore
* 2005 - raised $40,000 for Antonio Villaraigosa's Los Angeles mayoral campaign
* 2005 - fundraiser for Bill Richardson's campaign for governor of New Mexico

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John Gage


Basic Bio
* Is the current President of the AFGE AFL-CIO "American Federation of Government Employees" representing 600,000 government workers in 1,100 locations.
* Was elected at the national convention in 2003.
* Prior to his presidency, was the president of the AFGE Local 1923 and National Vice President (NVP) of AFGE's 4th District.
* Notably during his time as President, the Local 1923 experienced robust growth, making it the largest Local within the Federation.
* As National Vice President, Gage began a new organizing program called "Lunch and Learns".
* The new program helped the 4th District sign up 6,000 members in two years.
* In 1985 Gage stepped down as NVP to lead the defense of SSA against a membership drive by another union.
* Began his career with the federal government as a disability examiner for the Social Security Administration in 1974.
* Gage became involved with AFGE and served as 2nd Vice President and editor of Local 1923's newsletter.
* Went on to serve as the Executive Vice President before being elected President in 1982.
* Has served as chief negotiator for a number of national contracts and describes his work as a negotiator as a labor of love. He strongly believes that good contracts and the ability to enforce them are important keys to increasing membership.
* Serves as a trustee of the National Labor College, an accredited four year college for union members and their families.
* Was born in 1946 and graduated from Central Catholic High School, in Pittsburgh, PA in 1964.
* Went on to study at Wheeling Jesuit University, graduating in 1968.
* Career includes a brief stint as a professional baseball player with the Baltimore Orioles (1968-1969).
* Is married to Patti McGowan, a labor lawyer for AFGE Council 220 who does pro-bono work for the Maryland Disability Law Center.

Involvement in the Democratic Party
* Gage is a member at large

Personal Political Interests and Issues
* Pay for Government workers
* Collective bargaining rights for government workers
* Opposition to 2007 Farm Bill "HR2419" that would end federal meat inspection and rely on state guidelines which can be less stringent and lower food safety standards.
* The rights for government workers to organize

Involvement in 2008 Election - Campaign Appearances, Statements
* Gage remains uncommitted

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Richard Michalski

DNC Member-at-Large

Basic Bio
* According to the IAM website, Michalski is exactly the kind of fellow you want fighting for the Union: "In 1968, Rich was initiated into IAM Local Lodge 1916 and worked as a welder at General Electric in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
* Held several positions in his local lodge, including steward, chairman of the bargaining committee, and president.
* Has always been politically involved at the grass roots level, volunteering many hours campaigning for candidates promoting workers' issues.
* Was the Democratic committeeman for his precinct for 12 years, and elected delegate to the 1980 and 1984 Democratic National Conventions.
* Became the IAM's Director of Legislative and Political Action Department in 1992. In this capacity, he was involved on a daily basis with legislation that affects working men and women together with the AFL-CIO and its affiliates, interfacing with Members of Congress in Washington, pushing back the extremist agenda.
* Director of Political Action for the Machinists Non-Partisan Political League (MNPL), one of the top 10 political action committees in the country.
* On June 1, 2006, joined the ranks of the IAM's Executive Board as the General Vice President in charge of IAM Headquarters." Richard P. Michalski| 21st Century Labor Union | IAMAW

Political interests and issues
* "Michalski is the vice president of the 720,000-member International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, whose political action committee has given heavily to Democratic candidates.
* The Machinists union has endorsed Clinton." Meet the superdelegates - Today on the Trail -

Involvement in the Democratic Party
* Has been outspoken in his criticism of the Bush administration: "The president did a good job talking about Iraq and taking the oxygen out of the room," said Richard Michalski, legislative and political director for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers." Gannett News Service | Copyright 2002
* Michalski is a very active member of the Democratic Party and was appointed a Member-at-Large by DNC chair, Howard Dean in 2004: DNCroster.pdf (application/pdf Object)
* In 2006, Michalski fired up the members in the first interview he gave after becoming GVP of IAM: Interview with IAM Headquarters GVP, Richard Michalski| 21st Century Labor Union | IAMAW
* Was a recent guest on the Thom Hartmann, Sam Seder & Ed Schultz radio shows to discuss Government outsourcing of American Aerospace jobs. Today On Hartmann | Air America Radio
* Michalski also wrote a powerful op-ed piece about keeping jobs in America that appeared in newspapers and on websites nationally. Here it is in the Charleston Gazette: The Charleston Gazette - Op-Ed Commentaries - Richard Michalski
* Has been right in the middle of the latest fight for American labor, the new Air Force tanker project: Air Force tanker deal splits CongressMachinists Union Blasts Tanker Decision| 21st Century Labor Union | IAMAWTanker pick backlash builds --

Pledged Status
* Joined his Union in endorsing Clinton last August. Oddly enough, the IAM also endorsed Mike Huckabee: - Clinton racks up 2nd labor endorsement

Involvement in the 2008 Election
* Last Spring, the IAMAW welcomed John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden to their legislative conference: ABC News: Union Activists Welcome Edwards at - Labor draws a candidate crowd

Contributions to Candidates
* Personal contributions have been modest: NEWSMEAT ▷ Richard Michalski's federal campaign contribution search results
* Involvement with the historically non-partisan MNPL has been far broader with millions going to potential candidates: 21st Century Labor Union | MNPL | IAMAW
* The MNPL made him a top fundraiser in 1996: The Top Political Action Leaders in America - Statistical Data Included | Campaigns & Elections | Find Articles at

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Glenard Middleton
DNC member

Basic Bio
* Middleton, an African-American, is the President of the local AFCSME Local 44 and the Executive Director of the AFCSME Maryland Council 67. He was a 2004 delegate to the Democratic convention.
* As of 2006, Mr. Middleton held a higher post in the AFCSME hierarchy serving as International Vice President. Apparently, his AFCSME office is located at 1410 Bush Street, Suite A, Baltimore, MD. 21230.

Political interests and issues
* Labor issues particularly but not exclusively for teachers

Involvement in the Democratic Party
* AFCSME leadership positions as set forth above.
* Has appeared in the press as a result of his wife's status. In February of 2007 his wife, Sharon Middleton was nominated to serve on the City of Baltimore's Sixth City Council District taking the seat of the previous occupant, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D), who was elected to serve as the new City Council President. The Baltimore Sun newspaper raised the question as to whether her holding of this seat constituted a potential conflict of interest to the extent her husband represents city employees.
* Both Middleton and his wife fought a resolution restricting the manner in which teachers (who are, of course, union members) can use their planning time.

Pledged Status
* Middleton is a DNC member from Baltimore, Maryland who, according to a February 7, 2008 press release from Clinton's campaign, had endorsed the Senator. Just one day earlier he had been listed as an undecided superdelegate by Apparently, after the Maryland primary, Middleton is listed on a target sheet by Obama supporters seeking to get superdelegates in Maryland, which Senator Obama won with approximately 60% of the vote, to switch his commitment.

Family's Involvement in Politics, the Democratic Party
* Wife is a city councilwoman in Baltimore.

Previous Campaign Work and Experience
* 2004 Kerry campaign once he was the putative nominee.

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Michael Steed

DNC at-large representative


Basic Bio
* Married to Carol Steed and they have three sons, Christopher (24), Jeremy (21) and Tyler (16).
* A founder and Managing Partner of Paladin Capital Group
* Paladin Capital group is a leading multi-stage private equity firm providing capital for growing companies whose principal business centers on products and services that address homeland security issues and needs.
* Serves as Chairman of the Paladin Homeland Security Fund Investment Committee and
* Serves as Chairman of the Investment Committee of the Fund; is also a member of the Paladin Capital Partners Fund Investment Committee. Mr. Steed provides management oversight of the firm's operations and investments, and is responsible for the strategic direction of Paladin's current and future activities.
* Prior to founding Paladin Capital, served as the Senior Vice President of Investments at Ullico Inc. a financial services holding company located in Washington, DC
* Steed's investment strategy involved purchase of Global Crossing Stock, the success of which led to a 2002 insider trading scandal at Ullico resulting in a Senate Investigation.
* From 1985 to 1992, Steed was President and Chief Executive Office of AFIC Group Limited, an investment banking firm with emphasis on domestic and international transactions in the areas of venture capital, real estate and stocks and bonds, with state, local, union and corporate pension funds as investors.
* From 1981 to 1985, Steed served as Special Counsel to the Chairman and as the National Director of the Democratic Party of the United States of America
* Engaged in the practice of law, both as a prosecutor in the Los Angeles' City Attorney's Office and in private practice.
* Is a 1971 graduate of Loyola Marymount University (LMU) of Los Angeles
* Received law degree from Loyola University School of Law in 1973.

Political interests and issues
* Recipient of 2005 National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO) Ellis Island Medal of Honor
* Member, Bullis School Board of Trustees (2001-2006)
* Loyola Marymount University Board of Trustees
* member of the Board of Visitors for Duke University's Sanford Institute of Public Policy
* founding board member of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI).
* NDI is chaired by Madeleine Albright
* NDI is a nonprofit organization working to strengthen and expand democracy worldwide. Calling on a global network of volunteer experts, NDI provides practical assistance to civic and political leaders advancing democratic values, practices and institutions. NDI works with democrats in every region of the world to build political and civic organizations, safeguard elections, and to promote citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.

Involvement in the Democratic Party
* Steed served as executive director of the DNC under Chairman Chuck Manatt from 1981 to 1985.
* Quoted in Time in 1983 re: a woman veep: "The party is ready for it," says D.N.C. Director Steed. "What's more, the country is ready for it.",8816,952187,00.html
* Quoted in Time in 1984 re: Jesse Jackson repudiating Louis Farrakhan: "There is a God," said the party's national director, Steed.,8816,950072,00.html
* Current Member of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee
* Nominated by Howard Dean for the Credentials Committee for the 2008 Democratic National Convention

Pledged Status
* Pledged to Hillary Clinton (Clinton claims 150 major state backers 2/7/8 )

Involvement in the 2008 Election
* Member Montgomery County MD Hillary Clinton Organization

* $4600 to Hillary Clinton
* Carol (wife) also donated $4600 to HRC
* Jeremy (son) also donated $4000 to HRC

Previous Campaign Work and Experience
* DNC National Director during Mondale '84 campaign

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