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Eyes and Ears: Beehive Hairdos, Gas Station Discounts, Bob Barr, And Drive-By Insults

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The end of the 2008 presidential campaign is in sight and, by the tone of the latest OTB readers' submissions, more Americans are clearly taking sides. From Maryland to Arizona, campaign confrontations range from good-humored to well-charged, as you will read below. There is still time to send us your note! If you have heard something the rest of us would enjoy, or if you have an anecdote that tickled you, please send them on to us in 100 words or less. Submit your note to us using this Survey Monkey page. We will keep posting the best entries each Monday until the election. ~ Edited by Annie Shreffler.

While dropping off my children at their day care one morning, I parked near a group of mothers who were standing outside talking. As I looked in my rear view mirror to park I watched as they noticed my Obama '08 bumper sticker, made faces & then proceed to laugh. I got out, one of the women shouted, "Are you one of those Elitist Latte Drinking Liberals?" Before I could stop myself, a line from the 70s film "Airplane" came out of my mouth. "No, I like my coffee the way I like my presidents, BLACK!" All the women laughed and so did I.

-An Ching, Houston, TX

My jaw sufficiently dropped upon reading a friend's Facebook status update this morning. She "is not sure what to think of the McCain supporter who just knocked on my door, asked who I was voting for and then called me a communist."
-Cindy Amoruso, Orlando, FL

Sarah Jessica Parker is perhaps the most notable female style icon in the United States today. Her sense of style is so authentic, yet her hairstyle for the evening launch of the Sex and the City DVD release party, in NYC, was not suitable for her. Was she paying homage to the beehive style that Sarah Palin wears so often? By abandoning her own sense of style and adapting to a fad, and one that is questionable at that, SJP became a slave to fashion. She so often does it right; let's thank her for reminding us that what our appearance says about us is relevant. Palin beehive? Thanks, but no thanks!

-Kristina Moore, San Rafael, CA

My daughter works for PRADA corporate and spent Saturday overseeing their special secret sale, held at its New York City headquarters. She has seen some jaw-dropping things but here's the highlight of sale day: an extremely well dressed woman came to a register loaded down with pricy Prada goodies. She clearly had the bucks, flashing lots of elegant bling and fur. But it was warm inside so she casually tossed off her coat to reveal a black-tee shirt with white lettering. It read: "Sarah Palin is a c**t." Cheers resounded all around!
-Jean Bergantini Grillo, New York, NY

On Saturday, my 7-year-old granddaughter excitedly called me to her room and, pointing to the TV, said, "Meemaw, look at all those people (in St.Louis). They love Obama. I love him too." Then she dialed her mother's number and when she didn't get her after several tries she left this message: "Mama, I just called to tell you about Obama. We have to vote for him. Call me back."

-Vern Beard, Waco, TX

I've lived in Alaska for over 40 years. When the oil pipeline was finally completed and talk began about a possible natural gas pipeline, a new bumper sticker appeared, pleading, "God, please give us another pipeline, we promise not to screw it up this time" I recalled it during the McCain convention speech and his admission that yes, the republicans may have screwed up the past eight years, but just give us one more chance and we promise not to screw it up this time.
-Greg Zimmerman, Fairbanks, AK

While shopping, I heard a gal say that Colin Powell endorsed Obama because he's black. I then asked, "Did he donate the maximum to McCain's campaign because he's black?" Her response was, "John McCain is NOT black!" Missed the point altogether.

-Steve, Tuscon, AZ

My independent insurance agent told me today that Obama's tax plan will financially destroy them. I told her, "If you don't back Obama and his tax plan, next year I doubt I'll still be able to afford the $4,000 per year insurance policies I have with your company. I can barely afford it now. I'm not alone and you know it. Which alternative will financially destroy you first?" I hope I made her think.
-Terry Aldershof, Rockford, IL

The phone rang just before dinner. My 10-year-old son answered it. He stood, frozen, a look of alarm on his face. "It's SARAH PALIN," he whispered in a shocked tone. How timely of the GOP - scaring kids with spooky calls just before Halloween!

-Karen Bassler, Madison, WI

Bob Barr says Republicans are so afraid he will spoil things for John McCain that the latter is shadowing him, scheduling appearances in battleground states to match Barr's campaign events. "The two states we just found out about today are Ohio and New Hampshire, where McCain apparently added stops to his schedule in order to shadow us," said Barr. McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds dismissed the claim. "This from the same man that also believed Borat was a Kazakh journalist," he said, referring to comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who interviewed Barr in the guise of Borat for his 2006 spoof movie.
-Ken Bank, Barnegat, NJ

A friend of mine put a bumper sticker on his car: "Vote Republican: It's Better than Thinking." He reports that an astonishing number of people have pulled up beside him in traffic to give him thumbs up and say, "McCain/Palin," or words to that effect.

-Steve LeMay, Ringgold, GA

Yesterday, after filling my car at a local gas station, the attendant came to my front window to collect my money. He leaned in as I gave him the cash and promptly handed me a dollar. "Oh no," I said. "I gave you the right amount." He said, "I give back one dollar to customers who support Obama." I was shocked and offered the dollar back to him. He insisted I take it and reiterated his statement. We both smiled appreciatively. Apparently he reads his customers' bumper stickers.
-Joan Page Durante, Ridgewood, NJ

Canvassing in the blue-collar Brooklyn, MD, area just outside Baltimore, I encountered a young woman and asked about her voting intentions. She said Sarah Palin had made such a good impression on her that she'd swung back to McCain-Palin. When asked what Palin had said to make such a big impression, her response was, "I wasn't listening. She just seemed very down to earth." Next stop, the Shennendoah Valley. Lord help me.

-AJ Calhoun, Silver Spring, MD

Saturday I went to a meeting of the Marion County Democrats. The field organizer, Nick Waller from Virginia, is an upbeat hard working young man who is always on-time and prepared. But this time he was late. Shelia, our local party secretary explained that he had met an elderly woman while door knocking in the rain. Her roof was leaking and she had put plastic out in every room in her house to catch the drips. Nick was late because he'd organized a crew of volunteers to replace her roof. How's that for Obama spirit?
-Cathy Haustein, Iowa

At the Nader Rally on Wall Street, a reporter remarked to a cop: "This is the nicest protest I've attended. You guys are so easy going, I didn't even have to pull out my mace scarf." "Yeah? It's been bad?" said the cop. "I've pretty much been maced, had guns pointed at my head, been pushed back by horses and fled from riot cops at ever other rally. Who knew New York City cops were so sweet?"

-Carey Lundin, Chicago, IL

If you have heard something the rest of us would enjoy, or if you have an anecdote that tickled you, please send them on to us in 100 words or less. Submit your note to us using this Survey Monkey page. We will keep posting the best entries each Monday until the election.