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Obama Volunteers Transform San Fran Bong Shop To New HQ

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An OffTheBus tipster in San Francisco noticed that Obama volunteers have set up shop in the former home of West Coast Growers, your one-stop-shop for 'complete indoor growing'.

The campaign's northern California HQ is in Oakland, but volunteers in San Francisco raised money to rent a local space.

Overheard by our tipster:

While I was there (also took the time to finally register in California) two skateboarders came buy in classic skateboard, SF fashion: "Hey, didn't this used to be West Coast Growers?"

Response: Yes.

Skateboarders: Oh man, what happened to West Coast Growers?

Response: I don't know, they shut down.

Perhaps Team Obama should change their pre-rally cheer 'Fire it up, ready to go!' to 'Fire it up, ready to grow.'