Read: OffTheBus Contributors Sound Off On Client 9

03/13/2008 09:53 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Hanna Ingber Win - Why The Obsession With Silda?

Maybe all the attention being paid Silda Wall Spitzer is a sign of a shift in times, and she will be the last wife to be invited to this kind of press conference.

Matt Townsend - Feeding Frenzy: On the Spitzer Stakeout

Today I spent my morning in the midst of the media feeding frenzy camped outside of Eliot Spitzer's home in Manhattan.


Denise Clapsaddle - What Motivates Political Wives?
Slida Spitzer is following in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton and standing by her man. What are these women thinking?

Jon Wiener - How The Spitzer Sex Scandal Could Help Hillary
The question is not whether we will see new revelations in the Spitzer sex scandal, but whether disgust over Spitzer's destruction of his career will lead some voters to look to a woman for freedom from sex scandals.

Beverly Davis - Client 9: Spitzer's Latest Screw Up
This is American politics and just about any guy can survive anything if Pres. Clinton can survive an impeachment, especially if his wife is standing beside him during his 'mea culpa.'