10/08/2007 10:52 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Roadkill: OffTheBus's Ongoing RoundUp of the Awkward, the Ugly, and the Just Plain Weird


The following piece was produced through the Huffington Post's OffTheBus. Edited by Richard Riehl and Denise Wheeler. Reported by Kirsten Anderson, River Curtis-Stanley, Jodi Lampert, Julie Pierce, and Debbi Plummer.

"McCain won't surrender to pork": In a speech to a crowd of more than 100 Rotarians in Florida Thursday, the No Surrender candidate got his biggest applause when he vowed if he's president, "I'm going to veto every single pork-barrel bill that comes across my desk."

"Mitt bests Rudy with promise not to tax anybody": Romney explained his philosophy of taxation in his latest radio ad. "I believe it's not fair that you have to pay taxes when you earn your money, when you save your money, and when you die." That sounds reasonable enough. Dead people shouldn't have to pay taxes. But then they can't vote either, can they? So why are you wooing them, Mitt?

"He's available for parties and weddings (well, available soon)": In Iowa, Bill Richardson sang "Happy Birthday" to a supporter, in an obvious attempt to clinch one more vote. Alas, Bill! It's the birthday boy/girl who gets the wish, not the Happy Birthday" singer...

"So what's the name of the hotel in the rough part of town?": The Blogettes have delivered! Meghan McCain (aka John's daughter) and her friend blog about the Young Professionals event her father attended at The Valley Ho, a swank, rat-pack era Phoenix hotel. The senator spoke about...oh never mind. We can't get by the fact that the place is called The Valley Ho. Discuss amongst yourselves.

"Who Wants to Be the Lead Huckster?": Mike Huckabee is in the market for a national fundraising director! He lists the requirements as "somebody who wants to live in Little Rock and raise money." That's it? We're on our way, Mike!

"Hillary's New Testament": Looks like Hillary will be adding "Evangelist Bill" to her doctrine. She says if she wins the presidency, Bill will be given the top job of repairing America's damaged international reputation, saying she would ask him to "go out and tell people America was open for business and cooperation again."


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