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The World's 9 Most Dangerous Landing Strips (PHOTOS)

Posted: 02/ 9/2012 7:00 am

We've all seen our fair share of landing strips: big rugged ones, skinny, barely-there ones and some that just look too dangerous to approach. The purpose of this information isn't to deter you from going to these destinations. None of these places are Jurassic Park, and you'll very likely set foot on the ground unscathed. Just make a visual note of where the barf bag is located, take a nice deep breath and hope the strip you're landing on isn't feeling too cranky.

OTP's List of the 10 Most Dangerous Landing Strips presents some plane-eating, monstrous strips around the world. Wear protection; this is going to be a rough ride.

--Anna Starostinetskaya

Narsarsuaq Airport, Greenland
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Greenland, despite the confusing name, is full of super icy icebergs. Iceland is also pretty damn icy so we have no idea where the name switch debate even started. In any case, landing a plane between a couple towering icebergs is like sticking your hand in a meat grinder and hoping for the best. The air around the landing strip is cold, windy and full of air pockets (the kind that make you crash). As such, all flights are scheduled to take off during the day. Even with the lights on, this landing strip is vengefully unsightly.


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