Ramadan Jokes

08/22/2011 08:28 am ET | Updated Oct 22, 2011

Oh, Ramadan Ramadan Ramadan. Yes, it is true everybody: Muslims don't eat or drink for 30 days! No no, no, People, don't get worked up -- it's just from sun up to sun down. This is the time where we focus on self control and change. First within ourselves, we focus on our shortcomings as individuals and aim to make a change for the better. We focus on all the blessings that we may take for granted and appreciate what we have.

The reason we don't eat or drink is because to reprogram a human being takes discipline. You have to take something away in order for him to get it. We're on TIME OUT :)

Ramadan is not a diet plan although some of us do lose weight; it's self-reflection, meditation with your eyes open, focus on not using profanity in our everyday conversations, focus on controlling our anger -- things like road rage and fussing with each other, focus on getting along with everybody, focus on those who have less than you and share, give what you have, focus on LOVING OTHERS LIKE YOU LOVE YOURSELF, focus on being closer to our creator, being in tune with nature ... this is Ramadan. If we can do this for 30 days straight we'll break bad habits and make new good habits.

Now, we still work, go to school and do our day to day business which makes it more intense because no one else is fasting except Muslims. Of course, this is the time where our non-Muslim friends invite us to lunch at your favorite place, this is the time when co-workers bring you back your favorite fruit smoothie and you can't have it because you're on TIME OUT :) When I explain Ramadan to co-workers and associates they all say it's good, and they'll try it for a day or two, but then say they will leave the 30 days up to me.

As a comedian, humor helps me get through the day, but silent observation is best because my -breath is too hot to talk -- that's right, I can't even have a mint. So proceed with caution!

Ramadan Mubarak Er'body

Omar Regan is an African-American Muslim comedian, actor and hip-hop artist who was born and raised in Detroit, Mich. He has opened for renowned artists including Redman, Method Man, Wu Tang Clan, and Eminem. Omar is most known for doubling Chris Tucker in "Rush Hour 2". He has since appeared in films including "Internet Dating" and "Life is Hot in Cracktown", alongside Katt Williams, Evan Ross, and Kerry Washington.

Omar is also a performer in FUNATICAL: Taking Comedy to the Extreme's We Come in Peace tour.