10 Spa Escapes In Europe (PHOTOS)

06/06/2013 10:13 am ET | Updated Aug 06, 2013

Visiting Europe is often composed of a whirlwind tour, during which visitors hurry from one tourist destination to another. Finding the time to actually breathe -- in between trips to museums and monuments -- can be surprisingly difficult. To help speed along some much-needed relaxation -- you're on vacation, after all -- some of our favorite hotels across the pond are outfitted with top-notch spas designed to get you to that "Ahhh" feeling faster than you can say "Euro Trip." Whether all you want is some downtime in the sauna or a deep tissue massage, these properties have you covered. So sit back and relax--the Louvre will still be there tomorrow.

--Kristina Fazzalaro,

10 Spa Escapes in Europe