7 Beach Resorts That Are Affordable and Awesome

12/09/2013 02:26 pm ET | Updated Feb 08, 2014

Most of us have to stick to a budget when we plan a vacation, and we know that considering a hotel's value is just as important as considering its rooms and features. It's hard to enjoy a nice resort when you feel like you've been ripped off, and it's hard to enjoy a cheap resort when you feel like a few extra bucks could have bought you a significantly better trip. For a hotel to be a great value, in our view, it's got to offer the best of both worlds: It's got to be a resort that's cheaper than the competition but still objectively pretty great. So we scoured some of our favorite beach destinations to find seven resorts offering just that. Prepare yourself for some shockingly good deals.

7 Beach Resorts that are Affordable AND Awesome