08/27/2012 11:36 am ET | Updated Oct 27, 2012

Budget-Savvy Honeymoons That Won't Skimp On Romance (PHOTOS)

With the venue, caterer, florist, photographer, bridal party gifts, rehearsal dinner, hair and makeup, etc., etc., etc., even a wedding on a budget can end up costing a pretty penny. [Note: Sorry to any bride-to-bes to whom we may have just given major anxiety. But honey, that list was just the tip of the iceberg.] So often a super-luxe honeymoon to top it all off is out of the question. But hey, everyone deserves a honeymoon. After all the planning, prepping, and smiling for guests whom you definitely didn't invite ("Oh, so your my mom's neighbor's daughter's friend? I see!"), a romantic getaway will be just what you need to kick off your wedded bliss. That's why we at Oyster have found five fabulous beachy honeymoon spots that'll be kind to your new joint bank account. (Or separate! Hey, we're all about independence here). And just because they're budget-friendly, it doesn't mean these spots sacrifice style. They're also some of the most quaint, peaceful, and romantic hotels around. So relax: Your wedding will be perfect (we promise) and no matter what, you'll be able to follow it up with the romantic trip that doesn't break the bank.

-- Jane Reynolds,

Super-Savvy Honeymoons That Won't Skimp On Romance

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