10/02/2012 07:36 am ET | Updated Dec 02, 2012

Oyster's Top Picks For Affordable Beach Weddings (PHOTOS)

If you've ever planned a wedding -- or have known a person who planned a wedding, or have known a person who knew a person who planned a wedding -- you know that they don't come cheap. There's the flowers, the band, the dress, the menu; it may be the best day of your life but it also may be one of the most expensive, especially if you're pining for a destination wedding on the sand.

But don't worry: We here at Oyster are all about "making it work" [Ed. note: Is Tim Gunn still a thing? We certainly hope so.] and we've found four beach destinations that won't empty your -- or your guests' -- wallets.

From Belize to Destin, you can have your cake (beachside) and afford it, too!

-- Jane Reynolds,

Oyster's Top Destination Picks for an Affordable Beach Wedding (PHOTOS)