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HuffPost's OffTheBus Superdelegate Investigation

We asked HuffPost readers to join with us and profile the hundreds of superdelegates who are likely to decide the Democratic nomination for president. Hundreds of you responded and we can now present our initial findings. Just click on a state or territory and a list of superdelegate profiles, as compiled by our citizen journalists, will pop up. We're still in the process of compiling and uploading these files so please expect more in the coming hours and days.

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Virgin Islands superdelegates

Read articles about the superdelegates produced as part of the OffTheBus Superdelegate Investigation:
* John Tomasic "California Superdelegates: No Brokered Convention";
* Dan Treul "Michigan Superdelegates Tense As March 4 Primaries Near";
* R.T. Eby Clinton Superdelegate Downplays Likely Influence Of Superdelegates, Oklahoma Superdelegate Kitty Asberry : We're No Different From Anyone Else
* Marc Cooper Clinton Campaign Cuts Back Wooing of Superdelegates;
* David BrockOur Superdelegates, Ourselves;
* Mitch Caeser Confessions Of A Superdelegate ;
* Kelly Nuxoll "Dems Abroad Superdelegate: Expats Are The Low Hanging Fruit Of New Voters";
* Jacob Soboroff and Barnett Zitron Tad Devine, creator of the superdelegate system, Interview Uncut * Richard Riehl "Golden State Superdelegate: 'Superdelegates Are Not Going To Make Deals'" and "28-Year-Old Superdelegate Hopes To Reach Youth Beyond Colleges";
* Elaine Meyer "Meet An American Samoa Superdelegate: A Beauty Contest Judge";
"Superdelegate Profile: Casa Blanca's Jerome Segovia";
* Sandy Kaczmarski "Superdelegates In Focus: Indiana's Phoebe Crane And Iowa's Scott Brennan" ;
*Elaine Hopkins Illinois Labor Leader, Women's Advocate Backs Obama;
* Anne Ross "Watch: Don Fowler Discuss The Story Of Superdelegates";
* Lecia Shorter "Superdelegate Profile: Hawaii's Dr. Marie Dolly Strazar";
* Elaine Hopkins "IL Superdelegate Predicts Statewide Superdelegate Sweep For Obama".

All of our work will be donated to the Superdelegate Transparency Project.

Superdelegate News And Resources:

For breaking superdelegate news, visit 2008 Democratic Convention Watch . Click here to see which superdelegates haven't yet committed to a candidate, or here to see who's lined up behind Obama and Clinton.

To learn about the history of superdelegates and their function in the process, visit

Click here for more breaking superdelegate news via Google News.

CNN breaks down superdelegates' purpose in 'Superdelegates: Why They Matter'.

For a comprehensive breakdown of pledged and automatic delegates from Real Clear Politics, click here.