10/11/2011 09:09 am ET | Updated Dec 11, 2011

"Occupy Wall Street" Leaders Take Cushy Jobs on Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street, a populist movement that sprouted from a groundswell of resentment toward the banking industry, suffered a major blow today when some of the movement's incipient leaders accepted some well-paying jobs on Wall Street.

Tyler Mason, a freelance copywriter from Williamsburg and one of the first people to protest in downtown Manhattan, today accepted a job trading equity derivatives at Goldman Sachs.

"Honestly, I just wanted some kind of handout, which I thought I might get just so that they could shut me up," said Mason. "Mission accomplished."

Andrew Ciobanu, an NYU communications student who doodles on the side, was also one of the first protesters in New York's financial district. He accepted a job at Deutsche Bank even before they finished making the offer.

"Dude, there's only so much sitting outside and being pissed off you can do," said Ciobanu. "Plus, these guys make some major coin. Wouldn't mind getting some of that."

When asked whether they felt they had betrayed the cause, both men answered negatively.

"Not at all," said Mason. "We can serve as examples for our former Occupy Wall Street cohorts. Maybe they too can end up with sweet gigs on Wall Street. That was the whole point of all this anyway, right?"

Originally featured in the Daily Pygmy.