06/15/2011 06:39 pm ET | Updated Aug 15, 2011

Pssssst, Kim and Kris! Here Are Some Great K Names

This biggest Kardashian news of the week was that newly-engaged Kim and extremely tall fiance Kris Humphries are "reserving" names that start with the family's favorite initial K for the yet-to-be conceived baby.

K names are among the fastest-rising on this year's Social Security Popularity List, with such new-fangled choices as Kinley, Kenley, and Kinsley for girls, and Kellan, Karter, and Karson for boys shooting up the ladder.

While this kind of new-fangled K name may best suit the famously flamboyant Kardashian style, we at Nameberry have some more tasteful baby name ideas for the happy couple. And don't worry, Kim and Kris: We're not going to try to talk you into going with something stuffy like Kate or Kenneth either, as we know you need to push the boundaries a little more than that.

But even adventurous K names can be classy, too, we maintain. Here are Nameberry's Top Ten K Names for the newest Kardashian kouple -- er, couple.


Kalindi - This musical Hindi name means "sun" and refers to one of the sacred rivers of India.

Kelilah - The cousin of Kayla is more distinctive and prettier. Note that pronunciation is keh-LEE-la, NOT rhyming with Delilah.

Keturah -- The obscure but attractive Old Testament name was the wife of Abraham after Sarah's death and is ripe for revival along with her biblical sisters and brothers.

Keziah - The name of one of the three daughters of the biblical Job, Keziah is a lovely name, best in this classic spelling but also varied to Keisha et al, most widely used among modern African-Americans.

Kiri -- This Maori name meaning "tree bark" was made famous by singer Kiri Te Kanawa, whose original name was Claire.


Kane - Some parents may shy away from this name because of its similarity to the biblical Cain, but it's one of our favorite surname names with true multicultural flavor, meaning "warrior" in Celtic, "beautiful" in Welsh, "golden" in Japanese and "man of the eastern sky" in Hawaiian.

Keats -- The perfect name for the child of a poet (or hey, a reality TV star), Keats -- rhymes with sweets -- is far classier than Keaton.

Keen -- At the risk of ruining the name for the adorable Mark Ruffalo, who used it for his son, we highly recommend retro word name Keen, a neater twist on Kane.

Keir - While we love the Irish boys' name Kieran, it will forever be misunderstood as Karen and so we nominate short form Keir, which means "dark" or "black" -- apropos for a Kardashian.

Kingston -- Kingston and King may be among the fastest rising names, but they blend rocker and royal, a can't-miss combination.