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Margie Kelly


3 Reasons to Buy Antibiotic-free Meat and Poultry

Margie Kelly | Posted September 9, 2012

Here are three reasons to make the commitment to animals raised without antibiotics that you can share with family and friends.
Barbara McKeon


Physical Education and Technology: Using Video Sports Games to Engage Students with Disabilities

Barbara McKeon | Posted September 9, 2012

So how do we find ways to engage special needs students in physical activity when the very nature of that activity works against them as they get older?
Carey Perloff


Whither Working Mothers?

Carey Perloff | Posted September 9, 2012

The cult of the perfect mother is the worst thing that ever happened to American women.


The Most Expensive Sports Your Kids Will Quit | Posted September 9, 2012

You buy your kids lots of things, but one of the biggest expenses can be equipment and apparel for the after-school sports they're dying to join one day and then are totally over the next.
Gregg S. Lipman


Buying a Brand, Not Just a Mascot

Gregg S. Lipman | Posted September 9, 2012

With tuition prices at exorbitant levels, parents today tend to rationalize their kids' choices of colleges the same way they rationalize the purchase of any "big ticket" item: through brand.
Marva Soogrim


Remaining Calm with Your Baby

Marva Soogrim | Posted September 9, 2012

As new parents, we all feel the joy when the baby arrives. However, we also feel the pressure of being new parents. Here are seven ways to keep you and your baby calm.
Conor Grennan


My Son, the Duckling

Conor Grennan | Posted September 9, 2012

We have the power to shape another human being. That's a bit scary.
Dr. Jim Taylor


How to Raise Good (and Safe) Kids These Days

Dr. Jim Taylor | Posted September 9, 2012

This is a question that all parents ask themselves... constantly. There are no easy answers and, realistically, there is probably not one single answer. The important thing for parents is to at least ask and try to answer the question for their own family.
Lisa Belkin


Little League Dads Brawl In Georgia, And Other Bad Parenting Examples

Lisa Belkin | Posted September 9, 2012

The message sent to the 12-year-olds on the field at Britt David Park in Columbus was that winning matters so much it is worth fighting over. I'm betting that is the same message that the 16-year-old cheating Stuyvesant students were sent over the years.
Devon Corneal


Sink or Swim

Devon Corneal | Posted September 9, 2012

In an age when we are constantly comparing ourselves (and our kids) to other people -- where prodigies of every stripe are just a YouTube video away -- it doesn't hurt to be reminded that we all do things when we're ready and not a second before.
Claire McCarthy, M.D.


How a Reunion Gave Me My Father Back

Claire McCarthy, M.D. | Posted September 9, 2012

That's the magic and gift of families: between genetics and what we pass on, knowingly and unknowingly, we become not just extensions of each other but part of a bigger whole.
Ann Brenoff


Things The Way They Were

Ann Brenoff | Posted September 9, 2012

Tell me more about what it was like back then, my son urged. Well, I never rode in a car seat as a baby, I told him. In fact, my mom held me on her lap, juggling me and a cigarette at the same time.
Marlo Thomas


The Givers: Alan Alda Plays With Fire! An Exclusive Interview

Marlo Thomas | Posted September 9, 2012

When most people think of Alan Alda, a smile of recognition comes to their faces because they recall the hundreds of memorable roles that he's played.
Rabbi Jason Miller


Patrilineal 'Dissent': Solving the Jewish Status Problem

Rabbi Jason Miller | Posted September 9, 2012

The leaders of the American Jewish community should begin collaborating on such a partnership agreement. Only if we are on the same page on the matter of Jewish status will we be able to seek harmony among the disparate denominations of liberal Judaism.