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American Teen Wins Children's Peace Prize For Empowering Orphans In India

Associated Press | Robbie Couch | November 19, 2014 | Impact
THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — An American teenager has won a prestigious international prize for her charitable work to help orphans in India and other vulnerable children. Neha Gupta, an 18-year-old of Indian descent from Philadelphia, was awarded the International Children's Peace Prize Tuesday by Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu...

10 Memorable 'SpongeBob' Quotes That'll Make You Wish You Lived In Bikini Bottom

The Huffington Post | Bill Bradley | November 19, 2014 | Entertainment
Are you ready, kids? He's absorbent. He's yellow. And 10 years ago, his first big movie premiered in theaters. Since bringing his nautical nonsense into our lives in 1999 on Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants has gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon. The series, which is still running...

Sabrina Jalees Shares The Story of Coming Out To Her Muslim Family

The Huffington Post | James Nichols | November 19, 2014 | Gay Voices
Coming out is never easy -- but when compounded by cultural expectations, the path to living as one's authentic self can be a tumultuous one. Comedian Sabrina Jalees was aware of her gay identity her entire life. In this heartwarming video from Moral Courage, she discusses how she...

Meet Breastfeeding Dad Trevor MacDonald And Four Other Real-Life Trans Parents

HuffPost Live | Ryan Buxton | November 19, 2014 | Gay Voices
Amazon's new series "Transparent" is not just a home-run with critics who are calling it "one of the best new shows of the year." The moving depiction of a parent introducing her transgender identity to her family is also drawing attention to a new type of family that's...

Obama Signs Bipartisan Bill To Revamp Federal Child Care Aid

AP | Shadee Ashtari | November 19, 2014 | Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) — Federally subsidized child care providers will have to conduct criminal background checks on their workers and undergo a yearly inspection under legislation signed into law by President Barack Obama on Wednesday. Obama said the first revamping of the government's chief child care program in nearly two decades...

Simon Cowell's Gift To One Desperate Family Still Amazes Them 6 Years Later (VIDEO)

Lisa Capretto | November 19, 2014 | OWN
Amy Stoen remembers not just the day, but the exact hour her life changed. It was 4:30pm on February 20, 2008 -- a Wednesday, Amy recalls. Less than two months earlier, Amy and her husband, Randy, had noticed a cyst inside the nose of their 3-year-old daughter Madelaine. On Feb....

5 Things Your Period Can Reveal About Your Health

Corrie Pikul | November 19, 2014 | OWN
By Corrie Pikul Your period is a monthly reminder that everything's working as it should…except for when it's not. That Your Hypothalamus Is Unhappy What's happening: You skipped a period. What it could mean: When your cycle is off, it's usually a sign that something else is off,...

6 Things You Probably Don't Know About Amy Poehler

Pam Masin | November 19, 2014 | OWN
The comic actress, who's just published her first book, Yes Please, on her favorite hiding place and the icebreaker that will get anyone's attention. As told to Arianna Davis Best Collection Fake food. I...

Alec And Jamie's Story From The Let Love Define Family Series

James Nichols | November 19, 2014 | Gay Voices
November is National Adoption Month and RaiseAChild.US is celebrating with twice weekly “Let Love Define Family™” series installments in Huffington Post Gay Voices. Today’s interview features actor and comedian Alec Mapa and his husband, producer Jamison Hebert, who are enthusiastic champions of adoption through the foster care system....

Grocery Store Inspires Two Women To Quit Their Jobs And Create This Popular Book Series

Danielle Page | November 19, 2014 | MarloThomas
"One of the reasons I started my website is that I wanted a place for women to come together and dream. We women need to know that we don't have to hang on to an old dream...

Honest Trailer For 'Little Mermaid' Ruins Childhood Memories For Everyone

The Huffington Post | Erin Whitney | November 19, 2014 | Entertainment
"The Little Mermaid" turned 25 this week, and while many of us look back on the Disney classic with a fond nostalgia, Screen Junkies's Honest Trailer reveals what the movie is really about. Set in a "whimsically fascist" underwater kingdom, "The Little Mermaid" actually follows a...

Kim Kardashian Shuts Down Haters Who Claim North West Never Smiles

The Huffington Post | Stephanie Marcus | November 19, 2014 | Entertainment
We're guessing this is for anyone who's ever commented on the rather serious face Kim Kardashian's 1-year-old daughter, North, manages to keep every time she's surrounded by paparazzi. On Tuesday night, the 34-year-old reality star brushed off chatter that North "never smiles" with an adorable photo set....

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes That'll Steal The Turkey's Spotlight

The Huffington Post | Kate Bratskeir | November 19, 2014 | Taste
No one will miss the bird with these amazing, hearty dishes.

'Normal Barbie' Will Have Cellulite, Stretch Marks And Acne Add-Ons

The Huffington Post | Nina Bahadur | November 19, 2014 | Women
Not only will "Normal Barbies" have the bodies of an average American woman -- their skin will also look something like "normal," too. An add-on pack will allow kids to give their dolls acne, cellulite, stretch marks and more. Last year, artists and researcher Nickolay Lamm designed...

A Short History Of Paddington Bear, From 'Darkest Peru' To Present Day London

The Huffington Post | Katherine Brooks | November 19, 2014 | Arts
There are several quirks to Paddington Bear that set him apart from the rest of the furry cartoon pantheon. He hails from "Darkest Peru," he dons an iconic duffle coat, and he has an insatiable love for marmalade sandwiches. He has unprecedented manners for a talking animal, a knack for...

This Indianapolis Hotel Takes Sleeping On A Train To The Next Level

Carly Ledbetter | November 19, 2014 | Travel
Indianapolis is known for its incredible sports teams, playing host to the Indy 500 and being one of the happiest cities in the U.S. for college grads. So if you're looking to visit anytime soon, do we have a hotel for you. The...

The Best Pinterest Boards For Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Brie Dyas | November 19, 2014 | HuffPost Home
It's hard to believe that the holidays are upon us, yet here we are. If you can't quite face the turkey just yet, perhaps these gorgeous Thanksgiving table ideas can get you into a more festive spirit. Follow Anthropologie's board Set Your Thanksgiving Table on Pinterest.

11 Things People Over 50 Wish They'd Done Differently At 25

Yagana Shah | November 19, 2014 | Fifty
Call it life experience or the school of hard knocks, by 50 we all have the hindsight to know which decisions were good ones and which decisions were, well, a result of youthful naïveté. But whether you're a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason" or you wish the...

Hawaii Birth Leaves Canadian Couple With Million-Dollar Bill

Christian Cotroneo | November 19, 2014 | Canada Living
HUMBOLDT, Sask. - A Saskatchewan mother says she is facing more than $900,000 in medical bills after giving birth unexpectedly in the United States and being told the costs won't be covered by insurance.Jennifer Huculak was nearly six months pregnant when her water broke while on vacation in Hawaii in...

Student Sent To Principal's Office After Refusing To Be Weighed

Alexandra Svokos | November 18, 2014 | Teen
Ireland Hobert-Hoch may seem an unlikely student protester. She's a straight-A student, "not one to cause problems in school," her mom, Heather Hobert-Hoch, told The Huffington Post. But when physical education students at Southeast Polk Junior High in Pleasant Hill, Iowa, were having their height and weight recorded about three...
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