07/24/2012 07:08 am ET | Updated Sep 23, 2012

Five Crazy Clubs You Can't Miss During The Olympics (PHOTOS)

Everyone knows that the Olympics are as much about what goes on within the stadium walls as the party that rages on the streets afterwards. And in 2012, those Games will be taking place in one of the party capitals of the world, where there are thousands of bars and hundreds of clubs in London.

So what happens when you throw an extra million carefree partiers into the heart of the birthplace of the modern club scene? Our data here at Party Earth suggests that it will be the largest bout of decadence that London has experienced since Henry VIII annulled the sanctity of marriage.

Come August there will be no shortage of crazy in London. So here are five legendary clubs in the city that'll have you jumping higher than Kobe Bryant to beats that are faster than Usain Bolt while dancing with more sexy people than the entirety of the Brazilian national squad.

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5 London Clubs