02/02/2013 08:52 am ET Updated Apr 04, 2013

The Best Late-Night Bars in Rome

A local culture of social drinking and a constant influx of students and travelers means that Rome has a simply mind-boggling amount of watering holes. But, as opposed to their Spanish friends to the west, Italian bars aren't exactly known for their late hours. If you aren't hitting the clubs, it's hard to find bars in Rome that are open past the usual 2 a.m. last call.

But we know that sometimes you need a late night out without having to deal with the lines, cover and dress codes of the clubs, and we refuse to let you walk out of a pub defeated by an early closing time. So we skipped out on aperitivo and got down to business, and found three wild Roman destinations where the night doesn't end till you say it does.

The Nag's Head


Easily accessible in the middle of El Centro, The Nag's Head is a rowdy Scottish pub that stays open all the way till 4 a.m. A knight in shining armor will greet you at the door (sorry, it's just a statue), and though the pub décor is traditional with lots of wood and Scottish adornments, the bar has made a few additions to please the late-night crowds. Thirsty English speakers chat and drink while watching sports highlights on the flat screens, pile onto the dance floor as a DJ spins and rock out to live music that performs multiple times a week. The pub also hosts drinking games and themed parties to ensure debauchery ensues, and is one of the few places in the city that remains open in August, placing the Nag's Head firmly on top of the El Centro party scene.



Those who want to dance but not wait at the velvet ropes of the big nightclubs should head to Anima, a narrow two-story lounge that turns into a boisterous dance party. As you walk in, you'll probably notice that the walls, railings and tables are all painted gold, complete with golden murals and chandeliers. The first floor is a great place to lounge amongst the couches and meet some friends, while the action really gets going in the cellar below as a DJ spins for an international mix of youngsters ready to flirt and mingle. As the rest of the nearby bars shutdown, Anima begins to heat up, and with a 4 a.m. closing, you'll have plenty of time to test out your moves.

On the Rox


Right at the entrance to the Testaccio district, Rome's main clubbing corridor, is On the Rox, one of the few bars in the area. It's a rough-around-the-edges interior with an arched stone roof, tacky décor and features giant beer barrels as tables. But the buzzing bar has great discounts and is open till 5 a.m., making it a popular destination for fun-loving young partiers heading to and from the clubs. Loud music plays over the flirtatious conversation as neon spotlights shine as an ode to the nearby scene. If you want to escape the noise of the dance floor, there's also an outdoor patio perfect for relaxing on warm nights. On the Rox is even open past most of the surrounding clubs, giving you one last chance to find a drinking buddy for the night.

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