04/01/2013 01:03 pm ET | Updated Jun 01, 2013

Some of the Best Things to Do in Florence

Picture a cool, evening breeze gently sweeping across your cheeks as you overlook Ponte Vecchio, mesmerized by the same view that some of the most powerful figures in history witnessed. Leaving the Ponte Vecchio and heading towards the Duomo, you navigate through picturesque cobblestone streets framed by light yellow villas adorned with olive green shutters. Music and laughter from visiting tourists and students ricochet off the walls, fostering a lively vibe and a sense of wonder of this enchanting city. But stop daydreaming and get out to explore this charming city because listed below are some of the amazing things to do in Florence to start your adventure.

Via dei Cazaiuoli


When in Florence, do as the Florentines do and shop! Via dei Cazaiuoli is the perfect location to get your fix of Italian fashion and one of the best locations for shopping in Florence. From high end clothing stores, such as Stefanel, Swarovski and Furla, to shoe stores, like Leonardo's Shoes and Bata, along with a number of authentic Italian goods shops, there is something for everyone in this section of Florence. After an exhausting day of shopping, step into one of the many charismatic cafes or bars overlooking the hustle of downtown and take in the excitement of Florence.

Piazza Santa Croce & Piazza della Liberta


As the day comes to an end and dusk descends upon the Florentine valley, the fun doesn't stop, as Florence comes alive at night. As you head back to your hotel to gear up for the evening, stop by the whimsical Piazza della Liberta to see the carousal illuminate the square with a brilliant arch serving as a backdrop. Once you have made it back to your hotel, get ready for a night out in Piazza Santa Croce, donning your recently purchased Italian wardrobe. Before exploring this strip of bars and clubs, be sure to visit Basillica di Santa Croce, which is a scaled down version of the Duomo. From here, there are an assortment of bars, like Red Garter and Lion's Fountain, or clubs like Twice and Club TwentyOne.

The Fish Pub


Before heading out to one of the many clubs in Florence, stop for drinks at The Fish Pub, a popular and very lively pub neighboring San Lorenzo market. The pub is uniquely marked by green lights highlighting gold letters reading, "Fish Pub." Energetic crowds sway to top American hits with a crowd of locals and students surrounding The Fish Pub's wooden bar. Tables line the walls of The Fish Pub, making it the perfect spot to begin a night of drinks, dancing, and fun with friends.

By Shelby Gotelli, Party Earth writer.

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