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Top Five Clubs In Florence (PHOTOS)

Posted: 10/06/2012 8:30 am

Florence might be known for its spectacular renaissance architecture, the Duomo cathedral and those juicy Medicis, but when the sun goes down, a bustling club culture keeps the city running on ethanol fumes.

And contrary to popular belief, nightlife in Florence isn't just seasonal. This is partly thanks to the thousands of study abroad students that flood the town, living year-long vacations of going out every night bankrolled on those student loans that they'll worry about later. And the compact layout of the city makes club hopping easy on the feet -- or the heels.

Below are the top five clubs in Florence, where students, travelers and an abundance of dance-loving locals alike come together and prove that you don't need to go to Spain to party all night.

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  • Club TwentyOne

    This unpretentious venue stuck in the middle of the city's historic center leaves out the posh décor of your typical club and keeps everything focused on the dance floor. Wild partiers file through the door well past two am, making <a href="" target="_hplink">Club TwentyOne</a> the place to go when other bars and clubs are beginning to cool. The inexpensive liquor flies off the shelf and fuels a young and international crowd into a rowdy frenzy of flirting and dancing long into the night. If you overdo the surfeit of cheap shots, it's an easy stumble to the Duomo, where you can recover in peace until the early morning footsteps of tourists scare you awake.

  • Yab

    Those looking to test out their new designer heels or blazer from Via della Vigna Nuova need look no further than <a href="" target="_hplink">Yab</a>, Florence's most glamorous club. Located just a few blocks from TwentyOne, the vibe couldn't be farther away. Stylish clientele pass through the glowing marquee sign and into an ultrachic space of polished white walls with neon blue hues. Lounge areas provide VIP guests a prime vantage point for meeting eyes with the cutie across the way while comfortably sipping on cocktails. But within the upscale atmosphere, Yab does not forget why people come; the dance floor pounds away with pop, hip-hop, and electronic music as the patrons loosen up while looking their best.

  • Space Electronic

    The name is pretty self-explanatory, as <a href="" target="_hplink">Space Electronic</a> gives hordes of rowdy patrons exactly what it promises: a spacious, dark dance floor and pounding electronic music. A downstairs lounge and bar makes for an ideal hang out early on where you can socialize and find a potential dance partner, but the real action is upstairs. The cavernous industrial space with metal rafters and hefty hanging speakers gives off a warehouse party vibe and the sultry floor is packed with casually dressed dancers and music lovers. As the drinks keep flowing, girls here are known for dancing on top of the tables to the hoots of the raucous revelers. With its open industrial feel, loud electro, and even its location on the outskirts of the old center, it feels like Space Electronic could have very well been transplanted straight from the world-famous warehouse club scene in Berlin.

  • Twice

    Nestled just a few blocks from Piazza Santa Croce, <a href="" target="_hplink">Twice</a> is a trendy nightclub that has the sexy feel of an upscale venue but with affordable prices and a friendly vibe. Sleek bars, elegant lounges, neon lighting, and glossy floors highlight the chic décor, but the real attraction of Twice is the dance floor. As midnight rolls around, stylish denizens try to catch the eyes of onlookers with their fashionable dress as they step out into the packed crowds. There's barely elbowroom as locals and foreigners move to the DJ's tracks, and the energetic vibes will keep you here long into the night without thinking twice.

  • The Blob Club

    <a href="" target="_hplink">The Blob Club</a>, just a few blocks away from the Museo Galileo, is an intimate two-story venue that offers non-summer partygoers a casual and friendly club experience. A downstairs bar and lounge decorated with wood-framed paintings has an art-house vibe, while the cozy dance floor nearby leaves no room to be shy. The Blob Club is the place to go to hear a change of pace in music. Check the schedule to find a night to match your taste, because the DJs here will stray from typical club fare to play Italian hits, rock, classic pop and old school hip-hop. Nights at The Blob start early and go late, so don't be surprised if you're stumbling out into the faint light of the oncoming morning. Open seasonally from October through April, The Blob Club is Florence's cure to the winter blues.

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