12/06/2010 04:13 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tipton & Gardner: Congressional Insurance Too Good for Colorado

For months on the campaign trail, Republicans Scott Tipton and Cory Gardner railed against health reform that would ensure that Coloradans get the same insurance as members of Congress. Repeatedly they called for the repeal of Healthcare Reform and called it disastrous for Colorado. Now that Gardner and Tipton will be sworn in as members of Congress they are singing a different tune. It seems quality insurance like Congress gets is too good for Colorado but not too good for them. We are calling on Tipton and Gardner to forgo the health insurance issued through the U.S. House of Representatives - the same type of quality care they want to deny the people of Colorado.

I guess these guys don't know the meaning of hypocrisy or don't care if their labeled as such. To accept the very insurance you are trying to deny your constituents and Coloradans is the highest level of this hypocrisy. The question is - will Tipton and Gardner reject their federal health insurance plans or will they shamefully show that they are hypocrites who believe they deserve better health insurance than the people of Colorado?


Scott Tipton (CO-3)

Tipton: The Democrats Health Care Reform Bill Is "Toxic To The Relationship Between Government And Citizen, Toxic To The Natural Rights And Freedom Of The Individual, And Toxic To The Welfare And Prosperity Of The Nation." "In March, John Salazar and the Democrats passed their health care reform legislation in open defiance of the will of the American people. I have pledged to fight to repeal and replace this disastrous legislation, and I ask you to join me in this battle. We must repeal because ObamaCare will be toxic to the relationship between government and citizen, toxic to the natural rights and freedom of the individual, and toxic to the welfare and prosperity of the nation. We then must replace this legislation with a different type of reform; one that empowers the individual rather than the government, unleashes the competitive forces of the market to drive innovation, and eliminates the costly government mandates that drive up costs and reduce options for health insurance. We will replace it because we always understood that the status quo ante was unacceptable. Our opposition was not to reforming health care, but to federal government control of health care." [Scott Tipton For Congress /> ]

Gardner, Cory (CO-4)

Gardner: "I Will Work And Vote To Repeal The Healthcare Legislation."
State Representative Cory Gardner, the leading Republican challenger to face Markey in November, pledged that if elected he will vote to repeal the healthcare legislation. "The residents of the 4th Congressional District have sent a clear message to Congresswoman Markey: do not vote for the healthcare legislation," said Gardner. "She has decided not to listen to her district. When I am elected in November I will listen to the wishes of the 4th District. I will work and vote to repeal the healthcare legislation." [Cory Gardner release, 3/18/10 /> ]