The New Power Girls: Women Who Get People Talking in Business

12/22/2008 03:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

If there's one thing today's modern women entrepreneurs know how to do, it's to turn heads. No, I don't mean among handsome suitors, but big time minds and media in business.

Its major brands recognizing that founder Melanie Notkin is onto something with targeted niche site she launched this year. Or, how celebrities jump to hire Mission Possible founder Jenna Phillips. It's the way companies know that event planner Kimi Selfridge can deliver, and why the women behind Women 2.0 draw high profile influence.

Power Girls don't need to stand on good looks or flirty smiles to attract attention. Their brains and talent do the work for them.

In lieu of the holidays this week, today's post is all about just that. In just the few short weeks since I started The New Power Girls series, my email box has been flooded with responses. It's been from business magazines like Fortune and Forbes to women's publications like All You and Cosmopolitan, to articles from blogs across the internet. It's even hit the desk of the ultimate power girl herself, Arianna Huffington.

Without a doubt, the new generation of successful women stops traffic.

"For those of you who haven't seen The Huffington Post, it's a blog I highly recommend, not only did it keep me up to date with the recent American election, it has great pieces of social commentary, including the one written by Patricia Handschiegel, on the The New Power Girls," writes executive coach Suzanne Doyle-Morris, who helps companies retain and develop women executives.

"Your article is dead on right," said Enterprising Women Publisher/CEO Monica Smiley via email.

"If you haven't had a chance to check out Patricia Handschiegel's series on the Huffington Post, called 'The New Power Girls: How to Think, Do, and Live Bigger in Business,' you should," blogs Kathrien Ahn of (who adds that she's "on her way" to Power Girl status).

Blogher co-founder and COO Elisa Camahort Page shared via email that she'll "be looking forward to the series - great topic!"

"The marvelous and talented and so dead on right Patricia Handschliegel, putting her own lavish LA spin on something I am seeing all across the country--women wanting to run their own business and now doing it for themselves," wrote tech guru and fellow Power Girl Susan Mernit in a recent "Quote of the Day" article.

It's not just women who have been in touch but a large number of men. Not only have some posted comments to articles in the series, they responded via email and on blogs.

"It is cool," said investor and Wall Strip creator (sold to CBS), Howard Lindzon via email. founder and CEO David's said, "Great stuff!" while literary agent and personal friend Geoff Silverman shared a half dozen Power Girl suggestions to help as sources for articles.

"To learn more about this trend and some of its key players, check out the rest of Patricia's series to-date. She does a great job of alternating her observations and insights with practical steps for female entrepreneurs to put the lessons into practice in their own lives," wrote's Entrepreneur Guide reporter Scott Allen, whose article on the New Power Girls series attracted the attention of none other than the goverment itself.

Coincidence? Not at all. The new modern women entrepreneur trend is hot.

Note: In observance of the holidays, The New Power Girls series will resume publishing on December 29. Thank you to all who have written about the series and shared comments!