The New Power Girls: Women Entrepreneurs On Acknowledging The Small Wins - And Being Thankful For Them

11/25/2009 09:40 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Boston's Liberty Hotel sits just a few blocks from John Kerry's house in Beacon Hill, an area that's known for its historical brick streets and heritage that dates back to the days of early America. The vibe is cool and chic, east coast sophisticate ranging from early 20s to 40s and 50s. The hotel's lobby is one of the city's top hot spots for locals, with rumored lines out the door waiting to get in many nights of the week, in addition to being one of the premiere spots for business guests. When I arrive for an overnight while in town to speak at the MIT Futures of Entertainment 4 conference, the end of the workday is nearing.

Evening light cascades into the lobby, which is already filled with men in dress suits and shirts either sitting in groups coworking or mingling quietly over drinks. Women are equally in the mix, most in work appropriate fashions in cool, modern cuts. Downstairs, a sample sale is being held with one of Boston's hottest local designers, who'll host a fashion show later. By the time we're noshing on fresh baked signature bread and sipping wine at Scampo, it's well into the early evening. The lobby upstairs is now pumping. Nightlife attire starts to mix in as Bostonians duck into Clink and the night gets started.

As I take a seat on the MIT panel the following morning, I'm reminded of the days long ago when I was still in a corporate job, wishing I could do something bigger. The very next thought that comes to mind is how thankful I am that I'm doing it. It's one of those many times as a founder, male or female, that you look back a little and recognize all the little steps, experiences and wins along the way. Most days start early and move at a breakneck pace when you run a company. It's always wonderful when those moments come where you're reminded of what it's taken to get there. Not only is it good for the spirit, it may also be good for business.

"Looking back at my accomplishments, specifically over the past three years, has helped me tremendously in pushing forward to run my business full-time," said Jaime Derringer of Design Milk, a digital magazine on all things design that nabs a rumored 60k visitors a day. "Since I just achieved it not too long ago, I have been reflecting on it often."

It's a conversation I have had with many of the women founders I've met and know. Being ambitious and owning a company keeps most entrepreneurs tightly fixed on what's ahead, but oddly remembering where you've been can have equal benefit. It goes beyond just giving thanks to yourself, God, family, employees, etc. to also appreciating yourself and the tiny accomplishments that stitch together the bigger achievement that took your business where you envisioned it. While your racing around to make your work a go, don't forget to take a minute and notice where you are and what it took for you to get there. Not only will it remind you of all you have, but of the strong, driven, passionate entrepreneur that helped push you to it.

Power Girls use the past to drive their steps into the future.