02/08/2007 07:26 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Frat Boys, Part Deux

Yesterday I shared my thoughts on Frat Boys.

New evidence just in shows that Girls can be Frat Boys too!

Nancy Pelosi feels entitled to her bigger perk (a plane that will go nonstop from DC to SF without having to refuel) and now that she's the head of the frat, the President--who routinely uses his plane for fundraising and personal business, as all Presidents do--has come to her defense.

Is this what they both meant by crossing over the aisle to cooperate? Oh, I get it now, they meant the airplane aisle!

As we all have been madly running around my house at the behest of my Environmental Studies soon-to-be-Grad, busily calculating our carbon footprints, I would suggest to Mrs. Pelosi that a brief refueling stop in the heartland might give her a chance to see some of her non-coastal constituents and will still amply get her where she's going.

Why is she in such a hurry to get home anyway? Maybe it's becaue the pressing business of eliminating entitlements, getting us out of the war, bringing aid to Darfur and all the other things the Dems promised to take care of turn out to be really hard. And you have stick around DC to get the votes out and make it happen. Isn't that her new job?

It's true I've never been on a private jet so I don't know how fabulous that is (and friends of mine will do almost anything to hitch a ride in one of those). But pretty soon, those who must set an example are going to have to revisit the glory of commercial first class. One of those big buggies will get her home to SF with no stops and she can bring her own food on board like I do (in coach).

Who could have imagined Tony Snow coming to Nancy's defense a couple of months ago? When it comes to enabling the Frat Boys or Girls, I guess it's comforting to know that perks trump politics.

Nancy, we hardly knew ye!