05/09/2012 12:19 pm ET | Updated Jul 09, 2012

Remembering Brian Hughes - Innocence, Prison, Mental Illness, AIDS and Family

My parents Pat and Brigid Hughes sat down with me to discuss what it was like to raise a child with mental illness. It has been five years since my brother Brian died and today (April 24th) would have been his 43rd birthday. I felt compelled to share his story with you.

I think about my brother all the time. He is with me everyday in my business life and my personal life. I am forever grateful to my parents for making Brian part of our lives, and for their extraordinary generosity in sharing his story with people we have yet to meet.

Please watch this video to meet my brother Brian and our parents.

After I shot 40 minutes of video interviews with my parents, I struggled to tell this story. I approached my cousin Terry Maday who is in the film business and asked for his help in telling a story that brings clarity to my brother's life. Terry and Oscar Ayala both did an amazing job and I will be forever grateful for their support.

This post was originally published on Pepsi With Brigid. Why Pepsi With Brigid? In an effort to spur conversation, Brigid and Patrick come together on a regular basis to share stories about inclusion and other tidbits. Pepsi has always been Brigid's drink of choice, and many people over the years have shared Pepsis and her friendship with her at the kitchen table. We hope you enjoy and join in our conversations.