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Get to Know Your Angry Neighborhood Protesters! (SLIDESHOW)

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My Fellow HuffPovians,

As the town hall health care debates rage on across the country, I fear that I am too focused on the photos of angry folks. I bet some of you are as well. The negative imagery is affecting my duty, as an engaged citizen, to try and understand the message the enraged dissenters aim to get across.

President Obama will be attending a town hall meeting in my home state of Montana on Friday, and I'm sure in typical MSM fashion, pictures will be taken of the fuming protesters without getting to know what's got them so gosh darned fired up.

I hate to make snap judgments based on snapshots, which is why I decided to hear what my fellow citizens--the very ones in the photos--had to say for themselves. By simply chatting with the cheesed off, I found that the pictures seen everywhere aren't worth 1,000 words. I'm not even sure they're worth the 236 words in this introduction. In many cases, the subjects surprised me with their unexpected tales of why they were exercising their First Amendment rights. I have taken it upon myself to tell their stories, the ones the MSM doesn't want you to hear.

After perusing these pictures, I encourage all of you to get out there and engage one of the protesters--be it birther, deather, or life-in-betweener--because you just might find, there's more than meets the camera's eye.