Sarah Palin Finally Gets Change -- Just Not What She Campaigned On

05/25/2011 01:05 pm ET

This time, ''Mission Accomplished'' really means it.

Back during the presidential campaign -- remember that? -- I busted the place that Sarah Palin said was her favorite shop.

It wasn't Neiman-Marcus or Bloomie's, she said. It was an Anchorage resale shop called ''Out of the Closet.''

''Out of the Closet'' happens to be one of my favorite shops, too -- but not the Alaska one. '''OOTC'' is a chain of nonprofit thrift stores here, run for nearly 20 years by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which owns the name. Elizabeth Taylor and Carol Burnett have donated stuff to the stores.

I am proud to say that in my blog here and at the Los Angeles Times, I busted the Alaska shop's chops, right after Palin said it was her favorite boutique. The next day, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, citing Palin's remarks and my post, announced that it was looking into trademark infringement by the Anchorage store.

And now that shop is changing its name. ''We really had no choice legally,'' the owner said today.

The shop's new name is ''Second Run.'' With a name like that, it can still be Sarah Palin's favorite store. She can buy her 2012 campaign wardrobe there. With her own money.