Don't You Get the Joke?

05/25/2011 12:05 pm ET

Karl Rove was deeply concerned about voter fraud, and went so far as to replace US Attorneys who were not prosecuting voter fraud with others who would.

And, all we see is anger on the faces of Democratic Senators, an occasional Presidential candidate, and an occasional House member. Boys, girls....where's your sense of humor? You should be rolicking with laughter, rolling on the floor, contorted with hysterics, tears freely flowing down your cheeks.

Get it? Karl Rove...voter fraud....deep concern.

OK, I'll try another one. Alberto Gonzales fired the prosecutors for "poor performance" in cahoots with the White House, including counsel Harriet Miers and George Bush (the smartest person Harriet has ever met, who fired the greatest Defense Secretary in US--or world?, or intergalactic?--history, and who has full confidence in Gonzales). C'mon, now. Will you not even admit to an upturned curl of the ends of a your lips on that one?

Here's one for you. Iraq is the central theater in the war on terror (just ask Osama bin Laden--whose capture is just a success that has not happened--if you don't believe me), and Bush sent civil servants to run the CPA who had no background, no experience, nothing to recommend them except their positions on Roe v. Wade (they were against it). Oh, and, Bush promised us prior to the invasion, "the US military will not be overextended".

I'll give on these, I'm not smiling either.