11/23/2010 01:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Media Should Set 'Rules' for 2012: No Interviews, No Coverage

For 2012, how about the media actually doing something honest, and show a tincture of integrity? That is, state that it will no longer cover anyone or their activities if they do not sit down for interviews with that individual organ of media, and actually answer questions. If they just recite their talking points, it does not count. They have to engage and answer follow-up questions for it to be a real interview.

2010 was an experiment. Radical righties running for Congress avoided questioning, preferring to put out their lies. The media complained... but covered. So, these righties got the best of both worlds -- no difficult questions but lots of free press and airtime. The media provided them legitimacy without having to demonstrate anything.

Fox will do as it pleases.

It is time for the rest of the media -- network news, local affiliates, radio, television, print news, this newspaper -- to reclaim at least part of their role in a democracy to perform responsible journalists. One powerful way to do so is "DADC", aka, "don't answer, don't cover." And by "don't cover," I mean nothing, zero, nada. Blackout. Not even a mention of their names.

Apply to everyone, whether avowed candidates or not, whether presidential candidates or lower offices, anyone. Until a requested interview is held, no coverage.

Starting now.