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Innovative Art Exhibits Opening This Weekend

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Of three really powerful exhibits opening this weekend the one that most excited me is Crossing Wires at the Evanston Art Center, opening Sunday. Powerful, new media, intelligent work, with timely commentary on today's social issues abounds. Much of the work is interactive; you get close and it barks, or starts spinning. Innovative and a great Sunday afternoon opportunity for the entire family.





Two exhibits opening tonight are also splendid. I've seen two good shows at the Chicago Artists Coalition recently. Last month Homa Shojaie's show was truly challenging and inspiring, and this evening Dan Giordan's exhibit makes a powerful statement, made from materials (tyvek or paper towels) that literally and figuratively resonate with his content, in a show called Hits Close to Home.




At Dubhe Carreno, Melissa Weber's work resembles a reincarnated Ruth Duckworth, with elegant, formal, quiet, beautiful porcelain sculptures and wall pieces. The subtleties, details and shadows augment the spiritual, pristine forms and surfaces.




Let's get out there folks. The perennial fall is turning into an early spring. It's a great time to see some art!

Thank you,
Paul Klein