07/17/2011 09:31 am ET | Updated Sep 16, 2011

HuffPost Religion Round-Up, July 10-17

It has been a busy week on HuffPost Religion. With the budget debate and debt crisis dominating the news we thought that one voice (crying in the wilderness) wasn't really being heard - apparently 5000 pastors agreed and placed their circle of protection around the poor. Interesting that even some of our uber-pious potential presidential nominees don't seem to be making the religious argument for protecting the rich or war. In the future, we are looking for more meaningful and relevant preaching in America - stay tuned.

Table game: Can you predict the religion of the Republican nominee?

We learned everything from mandalas to tranquility at HHDL's Peaceapaloza in D.C. it turns out that previous Dalai Lama's had less peaceful reputations which maybe fits, as not everyone felt peaceful about HHDL's meeting at the White House.

What day is it? I just look at my phone. But it turns out that answering that question is harder if you are following or just trying to understand the Islamic Calendar. Even harder is the question of whether Islam has an essential liberal tradition which is now re-emerging. Stay tuned for HuffPost Religion's daily coverage of Ramadan.

Even more perplexing to a gazillion (approximate number) of HuffPost Religion users is where the Bible comes from, whether it is myth or history, or true. It wouldn't be so important if it wasn't a matter of life and life after life. One thing we can know for sure - the publisher of most of the Bibles we read is a shmuck.

Newsflash! From Mouth Athos to the front of the bus in Israel, it seems like some religious people have problems sharing space with women. Or are we still proclaiming separate but equal? Rang false the first time.

'Oh God, let me win this sporting match' seems to me to be a most natural and entirely blasphemous prayer. But for some, sports is just one more way of 'sharing Jesus' love.' But what happens if you lose? Is God, or America, only interested in winners?

Our first Sacred Sounds Video of the week started with a twang with Itzhak Perlman Playing Klezmer, it made us want to dance like it's 1999..or 2011.. or the end of time with the Na Nach. (If you have ideas for Sacred Sounds Video of the week tweet us at @huffpostrelig) On a tragic note, we offer our deepest condolences to the Brooklyn Hasidic community who mourns the loss of Leiby Kletzky - our prayers are with you.

Whether from trees, from within yourself, or from God - HuffPost religion wishes you an enlightened and wonder full week.