Toxic: The Britney Quiz

02/23/2007 04:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

1. What was the New York Post headline that accompanied a front page photo of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton leaving an L.A. club together?





2. Where was the rehab that Britney Spears checked into and left after one day, before she checked into a Malibu rehab and left after one day and checked back in the next day?

a) Anguilla

b) Antigua

c) Aruba

d) Atlanta

3. When Britney Spears and Paris Hilton shared a pair of fishnets, how did they wear them?

a) Britney wore one on her right leg, Paris wore one on her left leg.

b) Britney wore one on her left leg, Paris wore one on her right leg.

c) Each wore one on her left leg.

d) Each wore one on her right leg.

4. Which of these is not a fragrance in the Britney Spears perfume line?

a) Curious

b) In Control

c) Midnight Fantasy

d) Bare Crotch

5. What image did Britney Spears have tattooed on her wrist after shaving her head?

a) A shaved head

b) Lips

c) A six-pointed star

d) Her two sons

6. What did Camille Paglia cite as the moment Britney Spears' downward spiral began?

a) When she kicked off 2007 by collapsing at a Las Vegas nightclub.

b) When she drove on Pacific Coast Highway with her infant son in her lap.

c) When she dumped K-Fed.

d) When Madonna kissed her at the MTV awards.

7. How is Jason Alexander (not the actor) connected to Britney Spears?

a) He's the drag queen she danced next to in her bra and panties.

b) He took the famous photo of her exposed vagina.

c) He was married to her for 55 hours in 2004.

d) He owns Tenjune, the New York club where she vomited on herself.

Answers: 1) a; 2) b; 3) d; 4) d; 5) b; 6) d; 7) c

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