Dadmissions: Believing in Santa

12/04/2013 06:11 pm ET | Updated Feb 03, 2014

I often sit and wonder if my 8-year-old really still believes in Santa Claus. She says she does and sometimes I really DO see that magical glimmer in her eye, like when she addressed a letter to Santa this week and carefully colored a rainbow on the letter and then carefully addressed the envelope to Candy Cane Lane at the North Pole and then carefully placed it in the mailbox to be delivered. She had asked Santa for an American Girl doll and some accessories. Hmm. Screech. Wait, that's odd. She had asked mom and dad for an iPod touch. Why did she ask Santa for different pricy stuff than mom and dad? And then it dawned on me.

It hit me like a ton of reindeer poo.

Maybe she is the most incredibly diabolical kid ever. Maybe she KNOWS the truth about Santa and KNOWS she's got us cornered in the little white lie that many parents tell that we've been telling

Fictitious conversation I imagine my daughter having with herself: I asked Santa for something big and expensive. I asked mom and dad for something big and expensive. If Santa is real, then I'll get what I asked for. If Santa isn't real, but mom and dad want to keep me guessing, then I'll STILL get what I asked for. Win-win for me. And if mom and dad want to 'fess up about the whole thing, well, then it's game on.

Or maybe she is just incredibly opportunistic and thoughtful and much like a Fortune 500 CEO, she sat in her bedroom boardroom, trying to figure out how to maximize her holiday earnings.

So, now mom and dad have some decisions to make. I don't think she's ready for an iPod just because all her friends have it. We probably need to explain it to her and then take a pass on it in favor of something else. So, Mom and Dad may need to be the bad guys... which means Santa Claus may be the good guy for at least one more year.

I go back to the letter she wrote Santa. She asked how his year had gone. She told him what she was learning in school. Then she asked him for that special gift. I love the innocence of that letter and that little rainbow she drew and that envelope addressed to the North Pole. In my heart, I know it's real... her belief... this year, anyway. I know it's only a matter of time before she stops writing those special letters.

For me, I have my OWN letter to Santa this year:

Dear Santa,

My kids sent their letters for you to see. They still believe in you and so do I this year... at least maybe.

You see, if they believe and I do as well, then they'll stay young a little while longer, at least for a spell.

So check their list and check it twice. They've been naughty this year, but mostly nice..

And let 'em stay kids at least for this year. Happy holidays to you and thanks for the holiday cheer!

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