05/23/2006 12:07 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

ABC's 'The Note' Suggests Democrats Want US Troops Killed and Maimed

How else to interpret this:

"As is always the case with the out-of-power party, Democrats have to root root root for bad news. And no bad news source is better for the Democrats' election prospects than the bad news from Iraq."

Halperin et al have been at this game for a while. Eric Boehlert's new book, Lapdogs, has a compelling chapter devoted to DC's favorite Bush-propping tip sheet. Media Matters has more.

I cautioned earlier this month that Bush's depressed poll numbers shouldn't lull the left into thinking the media would change their anti-Dem ways.

Today there's yet more cause for concern. From attempts to paint Dems with the same "culture of corruption" brush as Republicans, to tabloid-worthy stories about the Clintons from Patrick "foreign leaders" Healy, reporters simply can't let go of their narratives.

The Note pushes it over the edge with what should be a completely unacceptable comment about Dems and Iraq. And why does it matter what some insider political site says? Because this is emblematic of the ease with which the media establishment slanders Democrats. This kind of dirt infects political coverage and filters to the general public.

Will anyone hold them to account? Will Democrats take Laura Bush's lead?

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