Defections from the Miller Camp?

10/14/2005 04:51 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Has Judith Miller lost another media defender? Legal pundit Jonathan Turley seemed to indicate that he's no longer in the "Defend Judy" camp on CNN this morning:

TURLEY: You know, I wrote a column supporting Miller, but I have to tell you, I now do not see why she went to jail. Other reporters got the same waiver that she got from the attorneys of Mr. Libby, and they accepted that waiver as they should. It was a valid waiver. She was the only one who refused. Most of us assumed that she was protecting somebody other than Libby. Libby's lawyers said they were floored when they found out that she claiming to protect their client. I think now the evidence indicates that she didn't have to go to jail, which has a lot of people are scratching their heads.

MILES O'BRIEN: Is it about a book deal?

TURLEY: I don't know. But we now have a play without any redeeming characters. I mean, everyone in this play now seems conflicted and suspicious in their activities.


Turley, it should be said, was quite adamant about Miller's position, writing in the LA Times that she "may go to jail for her principled refusal to sacrifice her sources." Any other pundits having second thoughts? Now's the time to fess up.

Meanwhile, the Society of Professional Journalists will present Miller with a First Amendment Award. Perhaps they should wait to see if she should get a Fifth Amendment Award instead?