Filmmaker: Steal This Idea and Save Your Country!

10/20/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It seems perverse to me that anyone at all would want to appoint a clearly inexperienced person one heartbeat away from a 72-year-old President and for at least four years. Can someone explain to me why anyone at all would be so undemanding of their leaders? We may not understand medical science, but do we really want the surgeons with their hands inside us to be equally ignorant? Shouldn't the pilots who fly us know more about flying than we do? Don't we go to an auto-mechanic because we think they'll be trained in fixing the car? So why is the job of President Of The United States somehow exempt from our being demanding of expertise?

We need to shine the light of parody and satire via YouTube on this warped state of affairs, where feeling chummy with someone "just like us" leads to many of us trying to appoint them to a position where they surely have to fail, and presumably take us all down in the plane with them. We need to focus minds on the fact that everyone is intelligent enough, and should be self-interested enough, to actually demand expert leadership. Play to that. It's not enough that you can see Russia from your State. Sorry.

Let's remake those already very funny Holiday Inn Express Commercials about idiots who pretend to be clever:">,, and

Maybe we can laugh people into rejecting mediocrity? Get them to mock zeal replacing knowledge? To reject The Big Lie?

Go for it! And use Bush as the best recent example of what happens when the doctor doesn't know internal medicine. Kidneys are not the liver.... and it's our liver, America!