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7 Deliciously Frightful Halloween Recipes

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Phoebe Lapine
Phoebe Lapine

Regardless of whether you are too old for haunted houses or young enough to still be terrified by bowls of blood (ketchup), Halloween is a time for parties, costumes or otherwise. You don't necessarily have to go out and buy green food coloring in order to make a festive, yet frightful Halloween meal.

This menu includes great cool weather suggestions that can be adapted for the costume crowd under their aliases, or served straight up to non-witches, monsters, and Mitt Romney-hating big birds. Serve a few small bites to your friends like my Severed Bat Wings and Melted Brains, or make a real meal out of it with a heaping portion of Dead Man's Meatloaf and Monster Mash. Either way, you'll want to prepare a cauldron full of Witches Brew to make sure there's at least one zombie at the party. Read on for the recipes and some tips for making things extra Halloween-y!

--Phoebe Lapine of Feed Me Phoebe

7 Deliciously Frightful Halloween Recipes
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