09/12/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Ask Phyllis: Astrology And Beyond

Dear Phyllis,

I'm baffled. After all the love and devotion I've showered on "Jennifer" she tells me she needs some space to sort out if she really loves me. How can that be? I've stopped at nothing to show her what a great guy I am and make her life happy. And believe me, I'm a terrific boyfriend: I keep the excitement rolling, I buy her loads of cool gifts and, because I'm in the music industry, I usher her into the hippest clubs in town. (Which she says she does love, by the way.)

Problem is I love Jennifer - she's everything I'm imagined a woman should be - gorgeous and smart and fits perfectly with my lifestyle. Why can't she see we're perfect for each other? I'm born August 12.

-Baffled Romancer

Dear Romancer,

You are lucky enough to be born a Leo, which imbues you with some of the best courtship traits around: your big heartedness beams with charisma, your leadership is heroic and you know how to make romance a sizzling extravaganza. Plus, if you are like most Leos you'll spare no expense to on gifts and treats that impress. I always tell my clients "It's a good gig dating a Leo".

Ironically, it's for that very reason I advise you to back off and give Jennifer time to evaluate her feelings. A Leo's enthusiasm for all things love and romance, as admirable as it is, has also been known to be overwhelming. Some people just can't keep up with the intensity of a Leo's affections. This might be the case with Jennifer.

Jennifer may be trying to reach past the persuasive thrills you deliver to discern if you, the man behind them, is genuinely right for her. That's admirable of her.

While you're on hiatus ask yourself if you've been actually seeing who Jennifer really is. That's because sometimes Leos can be so driven by the ideal of love that they can project traits, feelings and intentions on to the one they love, even if they aren't really there. Or they can believe love is happening when it's not. Or not yet.

Time apart also helps you avoid another Leo trap which is trying to love enough for you both. Many a Leo has been burdened by trying to hold up a love affair while their partner coasts. You're way too special to accept that.

Watch what happens this week. The Full Moon in your Partnership House could illuminate which direction your relationship should take. Don't worry: when September rolls around your affections will be more than welcome - we just have to see by whom!

Dear Phyllis,

Life is so intense! Is there anything important happening astrologically this week?

-Marcy NYC

Phyllis says:

Yep. Loads of strong influences are making many people feel a bit shook up.

Some of this intensity is signaled by the August 16th eclipse. It's bringing issues to a head, and in some mighty surprising ways!

Eclipses have been known to make life "wobbly": People and situations can suddenly change course, emotions can run high, and there can be an overall feeling of unsureness. Because of that, taking an adaptable approach to situations would be a good idea. If you can, hold off making decisions until matters settle down a bit.

That said, you might find big changes happen anyway. "A make it or break it" aspect forming through August 19th could force immediate action. If something (or someone) in your life just isn't working out, it might become intensely obvious and call for a decision, or even a separation. This might appear sudden, but it's probably been a long time coming.

What's the good news in all of this? You're getting the opportunity to let go of what doesn't work in your life and move towards what does. This eclipse can stimulate an incredible intuition and sense of community that helps you see a greater vision for yourself and others.

The "make it or break it" aspect can fill you with determination that helps you do something particularly courageous. Use anything that challenges you to find a deeper truth and integrity. Avoid temptation to be brash or reactive as matters could get explosive. But by all means, step away from alliances and attitudes that work against you.

Hint: Even if negativity is bouncing all around you, take the High Road. Doing so could result in a rare sense of empowerment that makes you proud of being you.

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