Ask Phyllis...Astrology And Beyond

10/10/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Dear Phyllis,

I'm a Libra* who's had a brutal year. Is there anything good coming my way? I'd really like to fall in love. Is it in the stars?

Signed, Seeking Celestial Relief

Dear Seeking,

Good news! Auspicious energies are absolutely lining up to bring love and other positive endeavors to Libras this September. Geminis, Aquarians, Sagittarians and Leos will also benefit from these energies as well. (Sorry other might still have good things coming, especially you, Capricorns. But they might come in a way that calls for an adjustment on your part).

Romance-encouraging, social-stimulating, peace-seeking, beauty-creating aspects are humming all month. They can help deliver attractions, promotions, interesting people and enjoyable trips to many people's life. Forget about recent contentious energies. September's vibes can be considerably more enjoyable.

So my dear Libra - use this! Broadcast that legendary charm and smarts of yours. Flirt and date. While you're at it, ask for that promotion, buy that gorgeous outfit, and shine away. I can't guarantee you'll find a lover, (good chance, though) but you sure can experience more love in all you do.

Dear Phyllis,

I am an Aries** engaged to a Scorpio***. I love "Layla" very much and find her sexy and alluring. I've always found astrology helpful, but when I read in your book that Aries and Scorpio aren't that compatible it got me worried. I admit that we do argue a lot. Does that mean our marriage won't work out?

-Nervous About Saying I Do

Dear Nervous,

Just because you have incompatible Sun Signs doesn't mean your marriage won't be a rousing success. It just means you might have to work harder to make it so.

There's nothing wrong with marrying someone different from yourself. Your arguments might be helping you understand each other better. Plus, working to negotiate personality differences could help you to develop qualities that a more compatible union might never build. Qualities like compassion, resourcefulness, adaptability and the ability to know what's worth standing up for and what to let go of.

Consider too that each of us is a unique combination of every sign of the zodiac. You're bound to share some compatible energies with Layla - hence your attraction to her. Build on them.

In fact, Aries and Scorpio can be quite a hot couple as each are intense, passionate, sexual, and enjoy stirring up the status quo.

But since your signs are intense about different things, passionate in different ways, and opposite in what they like to stir, differences are sure to arise. (Sexually, Aries and Scorpio are pretty darn compatible.)

Because of that you might want to celebrate the differences between Layla and yourself and give up expecting she should be more like you. Understand that clashes are part of the intimacy with her and don't judge them.

That said, would it be easier to marry someone with a Sun Sign more compatible to yours? Sure. But c'mon, Aries, when did anything easy manage to keep your attention?

*Libras are born September September 23rd-October 22nd

**Aries are born March 21st-April 19th.

***Scorpios are born October 23rd-November 22nd