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Ask Phyllis...Astrology and Beyond

Dear Phyllis,

Ouch! I did another thing to anger my boss and his response scored me right to the core. Seems he often lashes out whether I've really done something wrong or not. I've had it. I'm looking for another job. Are there certain signs of the zodiac that are just nice and never hurtful? I want to work for them.

Signed, Reeling and Leaving

My Dear Reeling,

I understand your need to work for someone who doesn't leave you feeling beaten up at the end of the day. Getting out of your current situation could do wonders for your self-esteem as well as your nervous system. Being a Sagittarius, you could find a new job by the year's end, if not sooner.

As for your query if any astrological signs are only nice, never naughty: Nope. Every sign of the zodiac has positive and negative qualities. They are well-documented and easy to predict.

Because of that, I coach my clients to never take anyone's bad behavior personally. It's not your fault someone behaves poorly - it's their choice. Many don't even realize their behavior is hurtful.

If you are stuck in a situation where you have to endure another's tough behavior, use it to gain mastery in yourself.

Petty tyrants can teach you inner power, patience and ultra-clear communication - just for starters. Importantly, seeing yourself as being strengthened by, rather than victimized by, others' behavior is also a key to empowerment.

Since each of us finds some people's positive and negative traits easier to take than others, I thought I'd draw a rough sketch about the ways each astrological sign can be glorious and dreadful. In that way you can better understand those you work (and live and love) with:

Aries are exciting and passionate, but they are also combative and selfishly think of themselves first and foremost.
As bosses, Aries are courageous leaders, but can be pushy and competitive. Plus, they feel free to yell whenever they are upset.

Tauruses are loyal and supportive but they can also be exasperatingly stubborn. They can harbor a cold resentment against you without giving you a clue as to why.
As bosses, Tauruses can be a rock of stability and consistency, but also inflexible and hyper-economical.

Geminis are witty and engaging. But when their evil twin pops out they can be mean, verbally or otherwise. Plus they can disappear when you need them the most.
As bosses Geminis are clever and inventive, but can be scattered and lack effective strategy.

Cancers are nurturing and sensitive one minute, selfish and demanding the next. Plus they can become reactive and mean when threatened, which they often are.
As bosses, Cancers can be guiding and encouraging, but jealous and dampening of other's power.

are entertaining and generous, but their need for attention can suck you dry.
Plus, you have to do everything their way or you're out.
As bosses, Leos can be inspiring and incredibly guiding, but they can also be tyrannical and lose it if you don't adhere to their "vision".

Virgos are smart and helpful, but their frequent criticism and complaining can sting and deflate.
As bosses, Virgos tend to be dutiful and concerned, but also micro-managers and uneasy with power.

Libras are bright, charming and good at creating a harmonious atmosphere. But their indecisiveness can bring any project or commitment to a halt.
As bosses Libras are visionary and fair. But they can lack the gumption to face conflicts head on.

Scorpios are powerful and transformative, but they sting, betray, and manipulate to control their territory. Their territory includes everything and everybody.
As bosses Scorpios are strong, strategic and can open major doors for you. But you'd better do things their way. And never, ever even appear to betray or humiliate or criticize them. Or you'll have had it.

Sagittarians are gregarious and broad-minded. But they are also righteous, assumptive and can disregard your opinions with a "You don't know what you are talking about" brush off.
As bosses, Sagittarians are expansive and inspiring, but can overlook important details and get everyone overreached.

Capricorns are incredibly capable and responsible, but they can be cold and calculating and deny feelings - their own or yours.
As bosses Capricorns are ambitious and determined. But they also tend to withhold approval, set impossibly high demands, and get jealous and worried that other's power could usurp their own.

Aquarians are inventive and progressive, but they can be aloof, cold and judgmental.
As bosses Aquarians can allow inept friends to hold key positions, and be quite disinterested in your personal needs.

Pisces are compassionate and creative, but can let you down, refuse to accept responsibility, and keep life in chaos.
As bosses Pisces can be creative, supportive and kind, yet lack organizational discipline that keeps things running in a predictable way.
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