12/19/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Ask Phyllis...Astrology and Beyond: Leo The Cowardly Lion?

Dear Phyllis,

I just got a job offer to work with a very powerful executive born July 12th.* She's famous for her talent and leadership in our industry. But she's also famous for being really tough on her employees. I want this job and all the status and experience it offers. But I'm so afraid of this woman's temper I hesitate to accept this position. I'm a Leo born August 11th*. I know I'm supposed to be strong but I'm afraid of being humiliated. Ideas?

Signed, ambitious, but cowardly Lion

Dear Leo,

Take heart! This looks like a great job offer. It's a good time for you (and other Leos) to welcome challenges that could teach you even more about supporting and loving yourself - even if the world or someone in it seems to feel otherwise. I'm not advocating getting into abusive situations. But I am advocating stepping out of your comfort zone.

After all, Leos belong in prestigious, powerful-filled environments. If this job and this boss can introduce you the best of the best, take her up on it.

As for Cancer's tantrums: remember that they typically come from emotional immaturity rather than destructive energy. Cancers definitely get snappy, irritable, and lash out with impatient demands. Often Cancers don't realize they are hurting others. Other times they do know they are being difficult and figure others should just "deal with it".

I counsel friends and spouses of Cancers to say something like "Ouch! That hurt!" when their Cancer acts gruff or stings. If the mood persists, give them some space to work their feeling out. Chances are, Cancers won't want you to go and will snap out of their grumpiness pronto.

Being an employee of a Cancer might call for extra patience and equanimity. You might fare best to wait for the nurturing, kind side of your Cancer boss's nature to shine through. Then tell her you prefer that she let you know right away when something bothers her rather than wait until she's angry about it.

Capitalize on the fact that Cancers like to see themselves as loving and nurturing, not angry and threatening. Let your potential boss know that strong emotions rattle you, which makes it harder to work effectively for her. And that you really want to work effectively for her.

Note: You must do this with loving care. If you appear to be abandoning Cancer or discounting their feelings in any way, their mood will go from bad to worse.

Don't take it personally if your boss does go ballistic. After all, you know in advance it's her nature to do so. I say that because Leos often think they can love someone out of their troubles or be so special that they get treated specially. Sometimes that is true. But other times Leo's lesson is to let other people do what they are going to do without controlling, fixing or directing them in any way.

One more thing: Don't fall prey to the Leo trap of hesitating to do something for fear you won't be the absolute best. Often Leos are so afraid to be revealed as average they won't take new challenges that could really satisfy them.

This boss's critical nature could help you develop real excellence. Use her demands to gain mastery over possible weaknesses in your performance rather than as an excuse to feel humiliated. In that way you'll be using her power to enhance your Leo power rather than diminish it.

Bottom Line: If you are signing on with a "screamer" be smart and make it ok, if not a strengthening experience. Never cower or allow yourself to feel the victim. That isn't appropriate for anyone, much rather a dignified Leo.

*Cancers are born June 22-July22
Leos are born July23-August 22.

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