05/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Ask Phyllis...Astrology and Beyond

Dear Phyllis:

Did something just change astrologically? I feel kind of hopeful and excited. But so many things have fallen apart in the past few months I'm almost afraid to believe life could be moving ahead.

Tentatively Excited.

Dear Go ahead and be Excited...

Yes! New possibilities and fresh energies are forming that can help us (finally!) move forward in our relationships, attitudes and goals. Venus the planet of Love, and Mars the planet of Action are both entering the dynamic sign of Aries. They can work wonders to awaken a gutsy empowerment that urges us to initiate something new and exciting in our lives.

Venus in Aries through June 6th can really enliven our relationships! Many will feel more assertive and adventuresome with others. Sexier, too. Since Aries is the "Me First" sign, we'll also be more likely to speak up for what we really want and need. Done with loving, this can refresh existing relationships and spark compelling new connections.

Mars in Aries through June 1st is terrific for courageously tackling whatever interests us. It'll give us increased drive to stretch our wings and push past limitations. Mars in Aries is especially good for gallantly expressing our personal best. It stimulates initiative and innovation to pursue goals with gusto. Why stick to the old way when a new approach might work better?

This Venus/Mars transit is also likely to heighten our "Warrior" energies. Used wisely our Warrior helps us channel our passions and express our deepest strengths. It also helps us slay fears, intimidations and reluctance to go on to do something meaningful.

Do avoid the negative expression of the Warrior energy, such as combativeness and impulsiveness. These energies can prompt an aggressive recklessness that causes problems. Remember: If something is yours it's yours. We don't have to rush or push in order to win.

Warrior energies can also make us more insistent on getting our own way. If you take a "My way or the Highway" stance you may, indeed, end up alone. Perhaps that's right for you now. But if you want to avoid unnecessary squabbles, keep in mind everyone's Warrior energy is heightened and they might want their way too.

Use Venus and Mars in Aries to become a great lover as well as a gallant hero.

Stay especially flexible around April 26th -27th and May 2nd-5th. That's when our new pursuits and attitudes might challenge something or someone that wants something different. Hidden issues or problems might also surface then to be remedied.

Aries are going to have a heyday with Mars and Venus in their sign!
Most Leos and Sagittarians Aquarians and Geminis will find it fortunate as well.
Cancers, Libras, and Capricorns will be greatly moved by these energies, but they might have to make some (surprising) adjustments.
Virgos and Scorpios will benefit as well, especially if they are willing to do things differently than normal.
Tauruses and Pisces will fare fine, especially by staying on their toes!

Here's where your Sun Sign might be Launching Something New

Aries: Your personality, appearance, vitality, and overall approach to life. Go for it!
Taurus: Beliefs, Spiritual pursuits, Retreat/Sacrifice
Gemini: Friends, People who can help you, Goals
Cancer: Career, Reputation, Authority Figures
Leo: Travel, Education, Legal, Religious matters
Virgo: Intimacy, Crisis, Joint Financial issues
Libra: Partnerships, Relationships
Scorpio: Health, Work matters
Sagittarians: Love, Kids, Creativity, Fun
Capricorn: Home, Family, Real Estate
Aquarius: Contracts, Communications, Travel, Siblings
Pisces: Finances, Self-Value, Possessions

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