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September 23, 2014

Is There an American Dream for Black Children?

Children School Robert Daly via Getty Images

The American Dream has always been defined by upward mobility, but for black Americans, it's harder to get into the middle class, and a middle-class lifestyle is more precarious.

Christie Pension Scandal Gets Even Worse


Supreme Court Set To Take On 6 Major Cases

Supreme Court

Here's What To Expect From Obama's U.N. Speech

Obama Un

Bill O'Reilly Has A 'Terrible Idea'

Bill Oreilly

Dem Senator: Congress Has Opened The Door To The 'Cheney Pre-emptive War Doctine'

Obama Syria
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Rove-Backed Group Makes Big Mistake

Karl Rove
NBC NewsWire via Getty Images

Ferguson Residents Optimistic After First Closed-Door DOJ Meeting

Ferguson Mo
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Maddow Has Some Very Pointed Questions About Our New War In Syria


Rand Paul's Smearing Of John McCain Explored

Rand Paul
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Louisiana Judge: State's Same Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

Gay Marriage

Hours Before Strikes, Targets Presented No 'Imminent Threat'

Obama Isis
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Senate Ad Barrage Interferes With Football

Mark Pryor
Tom Williams via Getty Images

New Polls Bump Up GOP Numbers

Massimo Pizzotti via Getty Images

'Badass' Moms Take Gun Fight To NRA's Home Turf

Jin Lee

State GOP Adds Fetal 'Personhood' To Platform

Scott Brown
Darren McCollester via Getty Images

Federal Prison Population Drops By Nearly 5,000

Andy Sacks via Getty Images

John Mellencamp: U.S. Presidents Should Get Four Terms

John Mellencamp
Joe Robbins via Getty Images

Pelosi: 'Republicans Get Off The Hook' When Immigration Activists Target Dems

Nancy Pelosi
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Rachel Maddow: Democrats, Independents Joining To Defeat GOP

Rachel Maddow

News Station Apologizes For 'F*ck It, I Quit' Anchor

Ktva Apology

Number Of Homeless Students In America Is Rising Rapidly

Homeless Kids
Imgorthand via Getty Images

Flood Wall Street Protesters Cast Blame For Climate Change As Police Arrest 104

Flood Wall Street
Bryan Thomas via Getty Images

White House Intruder Prompts House Hearing On Secret Service

White House Intruder
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Biden To Hispanics: Obama Will Act On Immigration

Joe Biden

States Would Reap Billions In Taxes From Legal Weed, Survey Finds

Marijuana Revenue

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Jon Stewart Schools Congress On Climate Change With A Simple Demonstration

Daily Show
Comedy Central

Politico Magazine Extends Raised Middle Finger To Its Readers

Chelsea Clinton Baby Name
Jemal Countess via Getty Images

Elizabeth Warren Makes A Pitch For Democratic Women

Elizabeth Warren

'If You Don't Have A Seat At The Table, You're Probably On The Menu'

Leo Addresses UN: 'You Can Make History... Or Be Vilified By It'

Dicaprio Un Climate Summit
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Senate Dems Don't Think The 2014 Elections Will Turn The Political Tide. Here's Why.

Reid Elections 2014

Author Of Viral Poverty Piece Shoots Down Belief That Poor People Are 'Lazy'

Linda Tirado
YouTube: Linda Tirado

GOP Lawmaker Stands By Claim That Islam Is 'A Cancer' In America

John Bennett Oklahoma

Bizarre GOP Ad Paints Women As Obama's Girlfriends

Americans for Shared Prosperity

'F**k It, I Quit' Anchor Explains Her Dramatic Exit

Alaska Cannabis Club

Rick Scott-Charlie Crist Battle Reaches Eyebrow-Raising New Heights

Rick Scott
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Mary Landrieu Says Keg Stand Haters 'Need To Get A Life'

Mary Landrieu
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Bob Dole Gives GOP Senator A Boost In Competitive Race

Bob Dole
Douglas Graham via Getty Images

Ferguson Will Not Enforce Ban On Non-Residents And Media In DOJ's Town Hall Meetings

Ferguson M
Scott Olson via Getty Images