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September 2, 2014

Labor Day: The Beginning of a Breakthrough

This Labor Day, working families do not have much to celebrate when it comes to wages and job security. But we can celebrate the fact that the deteriorating conditions of work are finally breaking through into broad political consciousness.

Texas Lawmaker At Odds With Fellow Republicans

Joe Barton
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Obamacare Won't Be Repealed Until At Least 2017, Koch-Backed Group Privately Admits

JIM WATSON via Getty Images

GOP Tweets Dubious 'Equal Pay' Claim

Reince Priebus
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Here's How To Make Sure Ferguson Isn't Forgotten


Democratic Governor Backs Controversial Pipeline Project

Terry Mcauliffe
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Anti-Abortion Leader Admits New Clinic Laws Are Not About Safety

Carol Tobias
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Begich Pulls Controversial Ad About GOP Challenger

Mark Begich
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Even California Has Major Gripes With Obama, Poll Finds

Alex Wong via Getty Images

Black LGBT Activist Arrested For Distributing Voting Rights Information


Russian Bank Hires Former Senators To Lobby Against U.S. Sanctions

Trent Lott

Meet The Reagan Appointee Making Scalia's Life Very Difficult

Antonin Scalia
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Jenny Sanford Reportedly Demands Ex-Husband Undergo Psych Exam, Anger Management Classes

Jenny Sanford
Steve Fenn via Getty Images

Christie's Going To Mexico

Chris Christie
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Jury Deliberating Bob McDonnell Corruption Case

Bob Mcdonnell

HuffPost's New Senate Forecast Predicts A Nail-Biter

Senate Polls
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Pot Legalization Spurs 'Wake-Up Call' Over Potential Problem

agafapaperiapunta via Getty Images

GOP Governors Group Hits Democrats In Colorado And Maine

Chris Christie

Why Republican Control Of Congress Hinges On These 9 Races

Mitch Mcconnell
Win McNamee via Getty Images

ISIS Allegedly Beheads Another American Journalist

Steven Sotloff

Voters Likely To 'Keep The Bums In' Despite Low Congressional Approval

United States Capitol
Bill Ingalls/NASA via Getty Images

Here's Where Obamacare Has Made The Most Progress

Barack Obama

Child Immigrants Not Mistreated, Memo Says

John Roth
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Texas Voter ID Law Heads To Trial In U.S. Court

Rick Perry
Scott Eisen via Getty Images

Eric Cantor Gets A New Job

Eric Cantor

Meet The Two Women Who Hold The Future Of The Internet In Their Hands

Net Neutrality

Mayor Of Major City Proposes $13.25 Hourly Minimum Wage

Eric Garcetti
Paul Archuleta via Getty Images

Chicago Ups Safety Guards For Students This Year

Chicago Safe Passage

FBI Addressing Leak Of Nude Celebrity Photos

Jennifer Lawrence
Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP

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16 Reasons Why Opening Our Borders Makes More Sense Than Militarizing Them

Mexico Border
Bill Clark via Getty Images

New Survey Gives McConnell An Edge In Kentucky

Mitch Mcconnell
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Judge Restricts Harsh Louisiana Abortion Law

Bobby Jindal

Watch A Metaphor So Obvious That You'd Have To Be A Politician Not To Get It

Congressional Leaders

Residency Issue Could Rock Key Races

Mary Landrieu
Tom Williams via Getty Images

How The Common Core Is Playing Out In All 50 States

Common Core

McDaniel Delays Announcement On Election Lawsuit

Chris Mcdaniel
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

House Republicans Swear They Don't Want Another Shutdown

Bill Clark via Getty Images

Is This The Secret To Improving America's Schools?

College Board Empty Desks
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Obama: 'America Deserves A Raise'

JIM WATSON via Getty Images